Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Passed!

It's official.

I finished my second class online for my BYU degree.

And I even got a 90% A-

(I hate minuses -- they take away my joy of having an A. Why do they do that to you?)

HFL 350 - Family Finance only took me 11 months to complete, but I blame that completely on my lack of persistence and cobwebbed mind from being away from school so long. I loved learning again, but it was hard to discipline myself to actually sit down and do the homework and get my booty to the testing center to take the exams.

The class was a good eye-opener for me and gave me some very applicable principles for my life. The sections on life insurance and retirement really helped me understand more of what Nate does everyday in his work and I'm grateful to know a little more about that so I can understand what he is talking about all the time! I can see why he loves his job so much - helping people put their lives in order must be fulfilling.

I am looking forward to getting my next class over with (English 315 - my last general) and then getting on to the History and Art History classes I need to graduate. I switched my major so many times when I first arrived at BYU that I'm afraid between that and taking a semester abroad in London I have lots of credits, but put together, they don't put me any closer to graduation.

Leaving BYU, I was a humanities major, but that cannot be completed online so I have changed back to history (my major before discovering a love of humanities). Luckily I already have a couple upper-division history classes under my belt.

My goal is to finish my English class before the holidays arrive. I may need some prodding from people around me to help me stay on track...

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Amy said...

Congrats. And, oh, I'm an excellent prodder.