Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Random Cousin Moments in Utah

One morning Megan and Tom had to run a few errands so we tagged along and then went to a cool antique store together. While in the car, I hear chanting from the back seat and see this picture . . .

and hear. . .
"I wish for my powers to come back.
I wish for my powers to come back.
I wish for my powers to come back."

over and over again.
(where do they get this stuff?)
Very strange yet imaginative children.

Cute cousins at the antique store - Talin, Collin, London and Savy.


How often do 8 toddlers work together on a common goal?

In this rare moment, they were all building a pretend fire together.

Once again, very strange yet imaginative children.


Amy said...

LOVE that first moment. Seriously classic. And I love the bottom circle picture. Their faces, stances - so intent!

Megan said...

That was a little creepy when they were chanting in the back seat together. I think our children are a lot alike. My kids talk a lot about powers. odd.

michelle said...

I love the picture with all of them wearing the hats! Classic! Congratulations for passing your 2nd BYU online class! Yiippeeee Skkkiipppee! :)