Monday, February 9, 2009

The latest on the chicas

Call me biased, but I just can't resist this girly. In these pictures her hair looks a little crazy, but it really is curly-curly in the back (almost tight riglets). Dark hair, blue eyes and I've decided she inherited Nate's nice olive skin. That makes two olives and one whitey like me (poor London). I love taking her to the store because every time I take her out, people comment. Saturday just she and I went grocery shopping and I was stopped three times to hear how cute she is -- one couple even kept me talking a few minutes about her. And then there were about four other people that cooed to others about her as they passed by me. I just love it that other people think she's darling too and not just her biased mother. Just look for yourself - how could you resist her????

Reagan's still giving out the besitos.

Enough oozing about my baby. Her latest is her new tooth (yes, only one). She constantly wants her binky in her mouth, but when I take it away she just babbles and giggles at nothing in the air. She uses anything she can to stand up and the other day she let go for the first time and balanced a few seconds before falling to the floor. I've seen her do it a couple times since. She's also figured out how to crawl up the stairs although she's still not good yet and that's scary. She's curious and more and more difficult to watch. Everything goes in her mouth and hence the binky obsession - I prefer that in her mouth so that I know I won't find her sucking on some clippy or rubber band, which has happened a couple times and I'm grateful I got there in time. Mostly she likes to just suck things in her mouth though and not swallow, which has been a life-saver more than once for this girly who has two older sisters who don't quite understand the concept of picking up little things (no matter how much their mom threatens them). Cupboards are no longer safe and my kitchen constantly has bowls and various things on the floor - just follow the wake of destruction and you'll find Reagan. It's great fun.

London is still obsessed with cleanliness (as much as I wish this phase would pass). Almost every night I see the bathroom light switch on in the dark hours and hear her washing her hands. The nights that I do get up to help her back to bed, she's like a little half-asleep zombie. And yet she still concerns herself with cleanliness in her zombie-state. Crazy.

In fact, as I'm writing this, she came in and asked me to help put on her panties after using the bathroom. I helped her put her legs in and then told her to pull them up and she refused because she didn't want to get her hands dirty and wash again. . . should I start thinking about counseling? I'm not joking.

And she's full of more spunk than ever.

I think we're going through a middle-child-syndrome stage at the moment. She goes from tantrums to super-sweet-baby-talker. The baby talking drives me absolutely insane! I think I'm ready for her to be in kindergarten next year because everyday she asks me if it's her preschool and the majority of the time it isn't since she only goes Tues/Thurs.
Savannah is Savannah. Still obsessed with her looks and fashion more than school. I get so frustrated doing homework with the girl, but we're making it -- and she's improving (and I'm improving my patience). I just keep reminding myself that she's in an advanced school and will be done with k and 1st grade curriculumn by May. So I try to not get so frustrated. Although I've noticed that if she has a good incentive, she'll do it fast (and right) on her own without my help. Math is our biggest problem. BUT, she did get an award 2 weeks ago for not missing a single day -- 100 days of school. She was so proud to get an "award."
Savy is also the best big sister ever. She always gives up toys for peace-keeping sake with London or helps her do things and I can always trust her with Reagan (unlike Miss London). Reagan lights up and giggles just looking at Savannah. She does with London too, but there's just a touch of fear because London does end up making Reagan cry every time they're together.


Amy said...

I loved this general update. You've got three cuties!

Tiffany said...

Such little personalities! I love their hair--curls and cute styles. :)