Monday, February 2, 2009

London's Art from Primary

London's version of the First Vision.

I love this drawing because:

1. the topic.

2. London does not usually draw actual things - she's more of a scribbler even though I know she's quite capable (proven here) of more. So this is a rarity for her.

3. I know she really put a lot of thought into this drawing -- the tree, three people (Joseph Smith is the large one on the right, smiling), the grass, and even some "glow" coming off Heavenly Father. Love it.

4. It shows me that she really does listen intently and learn in Primary. Every Sunday she tells me details of the lesson and I am so impressed that she's learning the gospel so well and loves it.

5. Her name started and interrupted (by the tree) 3 times. The back has two full names to make up for those on the front.


Megan said...

So cute. I taught CTR5 yesterday and the kids all had to draw the first vision, and none of them did anything close to that good. It's so cute!

Tiffany said...

What an amazing picture! I love all the colors and details. Good job, London!

Amy said...

That is a darling picture. I love scanning and documenting their drawings...they will love it in the future.

cyndee said...

Wow! It is reminiscent of Savannah's early drawings. She really has a great understanding of things around her.