Friday, February 27, 2009


That's how old my Grandpa Jones turned yesterday.

Amy and I packed up the baby, two preschoolers, picked up the kinders and headed over for a "pizza party." The kids were super-thrilled; they always are when we visit G&G Jones.
This was their "happy birthday song/dance." As they were setting up, we told them to all stand in a line so Grandpa could see all of them but they quickly informed us that it was all part of the dance. Pardon us. The younger two popped out during the song and it turned out great. I have no doubt Savannah orchestrated the whole thing.

We arrived and G&G were still out running errands so we took advantage of the green grass and beautiful Arizona weather and took some pictures.
heads on a wall.
Reagan LOVES Aidan and Aidan LOVES Reagan.
They have a bond -- every time she sees him, she laughs.
Reagan spent her whole time doing this -- crawling away from me.

p.s. for those of you who want to know who Dr. Bates is, don't worry, he's not my thereapist or anything (I don't have one), but only a random commenter on my "Breathe in, Breath out" post.

p.p.s. if you didn't notice, I'm going private next week so leave your email address if you would like to be invited.


Amy said...

I so love that picture of Miss Reagan with Aidan. It was a very fun outing. We'll have to do a repeat for Grandma's birthday shortly!

Nina said...

Please let us on I will give you Cassi's email address:

Thanks love ya,