Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On Friday Amy invited us over to make sock puppets from a kit Aidan got for Christmas. Everyone chose what they wanted and we set off with good intentions of making them with the kids' help. Upon realizing only a hot glue gun would do the job, we sent the kids out back and made the puppets ourselves. So they had a blast outside while Amy and I had fun making puppets. Savannah (my artist, remember) was the only child disappointed that the craft wasn't more "hands-on" for the kids. She is the craft queen.
Davyn's snake. Savy's butterfly.
London's superhero -- with an "L" on her cape for London. The hair is super cute although it took me forever to make. I never got a close-up picture of Aidan's alien, but you can see it below.
Super-puppets! Reagan wasn't big on getting attacked by the super-London puppet.
She did, however, love being out back watching the kids play. This is what she looks like when I don't fix her hair in the morning! Crazy! Aidan came running and in asked to put on his soccer clothes. Then Savy came in and told me she was being a "soccer mom", watching Aidan. They are so cute when they all get along and play well together.

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The Scotts said...

Those are adorable! I love Reagan's hair! She is getting so big.