Thursday, December 20, 2007

26 Weeks

So, my baby is the size of an English cucumber and weighs about a pound and a half, but I think this picture is much cuter than a cucumber. The lovely weekly email said that her hearing is improving vastly and she's responding more to sound which I definitely believe because every time Nate talks to her, she kicks hard. So cute! The girls have yet to feel a good, hard kick that they recognize, but we'll keep trying.

I'm getting a little worried about London. She's become very attached to me and often talks in a babyish voice, constantly saying "I love you mommy." I'm not complaining about that -- especially when people in the store just sigh over her cuteness of loving me -- but I'm a little worried that she's going to have a really hard time when the baby comes. I can already spot signs of "middle-age syndrome" in her and am worried about it.

Does anybody have any ideas for me on this? My only step toward prevention has been to be sure and point out her talents and how beautiful she also looks (I think she feels inferior to Savy) - and I told Nate that it's really important for her to hear it from daddy, so he's doing the same. Any other ideas?


Megan said...

You have your hands full. You and Amy were middle children, why don't you put your heads together and come up with ideas that would have helped you feel more loved, ha ha!! I have no ideas for real, sorry.
Baby is cute, freaks me out that our babies are so big already! Not much time left. My baby seems to kick when Tom puts his hand on my belly, it's like they know it's their daddy, so fun.

Kelly said...

My girls seemed to really feel ten feet tall if they felt like they were being such a great helper to me or to the baby.

Good luck! I feel like it's a constant battle making sure (or trying to make sure) all their needs are being met. I think you're in good shape just being aware that London is feeling more vulnerable right now.

Kim said...

Sorry it took me forever to comment back. We are still in the same house. The wards are different now. There is no more Los Alamos ward and so our ward went to the wards around us. Your apartments and the newer houses are in the Groves ward. The houses on the west side of Los Alamos are in the Highland ward and the there is the houses that look at your old apartments and then the one way on the south side and the 2 streets south of that one way are all in the Thayer Park ward. So that means that we are in the Thayer Park ward. I hope that wasn't confusing. Hope that you have a great Christmas and New Year!