Monday, December 3, 2007

London' s Reverence Song

So last week we were sitting at the table drawing and London sang me a new song that she learned in nursery. It was so cute that I had to get it on video. She got a little shy, but I think it still turned out cute. It's about being reverent in sacrament which is ironic because yesterday she was anything but reverent as daddy had to take her out. But that is beside the point - I'm hoping that someday the words sink in and turn into actions for that little girl.

I don't know about anyone else's kids, but mine are constantly making up songs. Last week was full of new songs. I meant to write down some of the hilarious lines that came out, but I forgot and now they're gone forever. The things these two little girls come up with just make me laugh so hard sometimes.

I think they wish they lived in a Disney movie or a musical so that they could sing their way through life! In fact, they've told me on numerous occasions that they want to live with the princesses because people just throw garbage on the ground in our world. London, especially, loves to belt out a made-up song of whatever she's doing at the moment (it's usually spurred on by watching her favorite sing-along princess video).

After London, Savy, of course, had to sing a song so that post follows. Sorry about the clicking sound, I don't know how to get rid of it on my camera.


Megan said...

My boys love to sing as well, in fact we've had to establish a no singing rule at the dinnertable because it was becoming so disruptive. Maybe they'd like to live in a Disney movie too. HA hA!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Evan and Tori are always adding their own lyrics to the songs they learn in church. Follow the Prophet is quite popular w/ "Follow the Kitty" or "Follow the Tori" - they crack up over it too! In the car the other day, Tori was singing "I Love to See the Temple" and Evan changed it to "I Love to See the Tori" and then they took turns adding more of their own words to the song! Hilarious. We should get our kids together and form a Primary Band!


Mandy said...

She looks so cute singing her song!

Amy said...

Okay, my sound isn't working, so we finally snuck onto Jim's computer this afternoon to listen to these. So cute. And the "we" was me & the boys. And Jim only has a headset, so we took turn after turn because they couldn't get enough of the splendid musicality.

Mandy said...

Hey Mandi, would you mind e-mailing me your address so I can send you a Christmas card? Thanks!

michelle said...

She is darling!