Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Kids are like politicians. They say whatever is convenient to get people to do what they want, even if there are absolutely NO intentions of following through.

Over the past few months, I've been amazed at a few things I've overheard as the girlies play in pretend-land. Then, watching and hearing about all the election circus, I realized the parallels.

When I was young, it came from the older and much wiser sister who Megan and I would do anything for because . . . well. . . she would give us a dollar.

"I'll give you a dollar" were Amy's famous words for getting us to do anything. I think if she actually paid up for all the times she got use out of that phrase, Megs and I would be super-rich! I think Megan got it more than me though, because they shared a room.

The new and updated version in my house is:

"I'll give you a sticker, a treat, and a new toothbrush!"
Now, I can see the excitement in the sticker and the treat, but the toothbrush???? I'm sure their dentist would be proud. So far, London has received none of the above, but still falls for it every time - and you hear it quite often around here.

Then one day they were playing blocks and I hear, "Nana, pretend that you never knock over my castle." Pretend is their vehicle for absolutely everything, including getting your way. You can pretend anything --- "pretend such and such never happens" is a constant in their playing.

Like I said, they're like politicians, using any means to get things to turn out the way they want it.


Megan said...

Wow, the memories. Amy seriously owes me!!
While your kids might be miniature polititians, my Collin is turning into a miniature pregnant woman. I am constantly hearing complaints such as, "I can't bend over, my tummy is too big" or "I can't do that, my back is hurting so bad". Do I really complain that much? I must. But at least it's legite!

Amy said...

Moment of Megan berating: You deserve all you the pain you get when you shovel snow and pound ice off your carport in your state, you crazy girl... I'll send you a dollar if you stop all that nonsense!

That aside...I'm glad you recorded these little interactions of your girlies. The toothbrush part truly baffles me. But I love the gentle persuasion possibilities of "pretend".