Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Amy informed me today that I needed to add "write a new post" on my to-do list today because she's sick of London's Reverence Song. Well, not the song, just the lack of a new post.

So . . . I don't really have much to post about until I take some pics of some things, but I will make it a goal to post at least 3-4 times this week -- how's that, Amy?

Here's a picture Amy took a few weeks ago when she was practicing with her camera on the kids. I just sat and re-read a classic favorite of the Hendrix-romantic-teenage-girls, wondering if it would be as good to me as an adult. On the Night of the Seventh Moon. It was good, but maybe not as intriguing as it was to my teenage-self and definitely not the the best writing, but it was a fun, easy read.

I like this picture because it reminds me of the beginning of last year when everyone chose a word to focus on for the year. Mine was BREATHE. I wanted to relax and just enjoy life a little more and not just jump into things, to think before I spoke, etc. I think I did pretty well the first six months, but then I forgot my word. This picture brought me back to my word and reminded me how nice it is to just sit and relax and drink some hot chocolate or curl up and read a good book by the light of the Christmas tree. It's nice to take a break during this crazy season and just enjoy quiet - and breathe. So, just take a break and relax a moment and you'll feel better.


Megan said...

I was so going to nag you about posting something new as well, then I changed my mind because I'm a slacker with my blog at times too.
I like the picture, cute; and I so want to read that book again! I remember it seeming like the most romantic book ever, but I was thirteen at the time.

Amy said...

Yay! But I'm seriously doubting your 3-4 times this week ambition. We shall see.

That picture does remind me of breathe. Funny...I have been thinking about my word rather often over the past month. And I think I've such a great year of pause that I need something superbly active this coming year! We shall see.

Mandy said...

I like that picture of you. Your tree looks really pretty in the background.

After Ry goes to bed I always relax a little more than I do during the day. My favorite thing is to lay under the tree and look up at the lights.

Heather said...

Good advice. Hmm, breathe, that's all it takes? We should all cut out all the hoopla and focus on family and the real meaning if the season.

And 3-4x/week for posting is quite the goal! I hate when you have nothing to post about, makes it hard.

Kelly said...

I love the picture -- so peaceful. You're so right about taking time to breathe -- I haven't been so good about that lately.