Monday, January 5, 2009

La Navidad

I've been a slacker at posting these because JoDee was here and we stayed up too late every night -- mostly playing rock band until we all felt like we had carpal tunnel (Amy and Andee at least). One night was devoted to my new favorite movie though. And I'm so not used to staying up past midnight anymore so the 2:30 bedtime on New Years about did me in the next day. . . week (more on that later as I steal pictures from Amy).

So now today has been devoted to deep cleaning and laundry. Seriously, it's 3:32 and this is the first time I've sat down today -- and I'm far from done.

So here we go!

Christmas was fast, chaotic and fun. Isn't it always? Seeing Tyler's family is always fun and then as soon as they were ready to go, JoDee came down with the girls for a "cousins Christmas party" and a weeks worth of fun.

(picture overload, as usual)

Reagan was just excited to have the whole family in "her world" (the floor).
I about died at the difference in these two girls Christmas morning. Every present evoked a squeal of delight from Savannah while London appeared rather stoic while opening hers. I was a bit worried that she was unhappy with her loot until Nate informed me that she whispered to him that this was the best Christmas ever. I guess that's just the difference in their personalities.London with her presents from Savannah. I was so excited that Savs got to go to "Santa's Workshop" at school because I remembered going as a child. Yeah for Mr. C. - the P.E. teacher who instilled a love of hula hooping in my little girl! If you haven't had a good laugh lately, you should watch this girl hula-hoop! It's the best thing in the world! I'll have to see if I can figure out how to put a video of it on here.
I must say that it was one of the best meals EVER!. Amy made the same (amazing) turkey I made for Thanksgiving and I made the same stuffing and then mom's rolls were fabulous, as usual. . . I could go on and on, but I already have.
Davyn, Wyatt, London and Noah
Ryder was excited to have another little person. Here he is trying to blow on her tummy -- like everyone always does to him.
And here he is just flat out pestering the poor girl. It was quite entertaining to watch and Reagan didn't get upset at all. Cyn and Noah. London and Ryder with D's new "Wall-e computer." London's always attaching herself to a little one - she likes being older and tending them.
Noah - the boy is seriously an exact replica of Tyler at that age. Cutie Ryder.
Reagan's Christmas bottle with Grandma Jones.Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

We did have a great holiday and I realized that I saw all my grandchildren and children during the month of December. How blessed am I?

Amy said...

That's cool, Mom. I didn't think about the fact that you saw everyone last month.

I loved seeing your Christmas morning pictures, Mandi. And the girls' different reactions are so interesting. They truly are different little personalities. I wonder how Reagan will be.