Friday, January 9, 2009

Before I forget. . .

I have a couple things I need to remember AND they're good for some laughs.


...has a bad habit. Let me preface this story with the fact that Savy bites her fingernails and it drives me CRAZY (it's Megan all over again!) So the other day I was helping her with homework and she asks me (in all seriousness, mind you): "Can I bite your fingernails?"

Now, I understand that biting nails is a bad habit/obsession, but how much worse is it if you covet other people's nails because you've already bitten yours to the quick?????

London still obsessed with cleanliness and washing of hands. You know how kids always have to inform you when they go to the bathroom? Well, the other day she tells me, "Mom, I'm going into the bathroom to pick my booger and then put it in a kleenex and then wash my hands." So precise and clean . . . and dare I say, too much information?

Also, the other day she asked me if she could have a Henry Kiss (Hershey). I love it when they mix up words - I think it's so cute.

Reagan perfect. She's growing fast and I shocked myself into reality when I realized the other day that in 2 1/2 months, she will be one!!!! Hello! Where did that time go? She is the ever-curious crawler, getting into everything and pulling herself up to stand like a big girl. Although I must say I am shocked that she still has no teeth and I've been claiming teething since she was two months old! She freely hands out slobbery besitos (kisses) and giggles. What joy she brings into our family!


Megan said...

Come on Mandi, just give Reagan a few years, you'll hardly be calling her perfect, ha ha! Your girls are hilarious, you always have the funniest stories about them.

Amy said...

That is my favorite London outfit ever. And the "Henry kiss" is killing me! I'm excited to have some snuggle time Reag has been a while.

Melissa M. said...

Very cute!
I can arrange that "Henry Kiss" any time...