Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Plan (to get what I want)

I am a smoothie girl.

I had a roommate in college who worked for JambaJuice (she also went home at Christmas break and never came back, thinking she was pregnant -- but that's a whole other story). I used to bask in the joy of her making me homemade Jambas. I was shocked to learn that you had to sign a contract before working there promising not to disclose their "secret jamba recipes."

Didn't they ever learn to SHARE???

I was also shocked to learn that my roommate had no morals (this was before Christmas break, obviously). She shared recipes right and left.



Why did I not have the foresight to type and save those dang recipes?

I suppose it was fate because I lacked the main ingredient -- one of these babies:

I covet this little machine (maybe I should secretly steal Amy's).

If you've never heard of vita-mix then I'm sorry for you. Go here to learn more, but beware of the temptation to covet that will inevitably overcome you.

I have wanted one for years and the other day I remembered that fact. I made smoothies for our breakfast and realized it mostly tasted like strawberry/blueberry milk. Milk - that's mostly all I could taste. Then my mind wandered over to vita-mix land where you don't need to add liquid because the thing pulverizes your food so much that liquid results immediately. So you just throw in a bunch of fruit (even whole apples) and voila, you have a smoothie that doesn't taste like milk.

I will get a vita-mix someday -- if I had just saved a little every month instead of just plain pining away for it then I would definitely have the $500+ to buy the dang thing.

So my new plan is to make an envelope labeled "Vita-Mix Fund."

Every month I shall contribute to it until someday (hopefully soon), I will be able to make all the smoothies I want with my shiny new vita-mix.

Or I could just write the government for a $700 bailout (and get the deluxe package).

And maybe then I'll consider getting a job at Jamba Juice and work there a month - okay a week - only to get the recipes (for my own personal home use, of course, not to be shared).

Sounds like a plan . . . I'll keep you updated on my quest.


Megan said...

Maybe you need a smoothie making lesson. Cause I think you can get great tasting smoothies without the vita-mix, cause it might take awhile to save up that $500. Although a vita mix is on my list of thing I covet.

Cyndee said...

Sign me up. I'll contribute some money into your envelope, but the bailout idea deserves some thought as you will see in my comment before.

Amy said...

The sad truth of life is that I love my Vita-Mix and smoothies, but still don't make them too often anymore. I need to get back in the habit.

Tiffany said...

I love smoothies, too! They seem to be more of a warm-weather food for our family--although we did make a batch last week. My parents have a Vita-Mix and sang its praises for quite a while after they got one. :) Sadly, they live too far away to share.