Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Trillion

I am sick of ALL politicians -- and I mean ALL -- no matter what party they are affiliated with.

This week Barack Obama -- whom I give my support 100% as my new president until he does something I disagree with and then my approval rating may begin dropping, but we'll see. I'm willing to give him a fair chance. I am not a sore loser - well, unless we're talking about croquet (but I would never lose at that because I ROCK at croquet!). Besides, I really disliked McCain anyway, as did mostly all conservatives -- anyway, tangent over -- Obama announced his $1.2 trillion plan this week. He says trillion dollar deficits are going to be many years to come, but we must "spend our way out of this recession."

I humbly ask: what about capitalism?

Why can't we just let companies who are failing fail and then let others rise in their place instead of the government picking and choosing who wins . . . that is not capitalism despite what Congress and Pres. Bush think. Government should never have that kind of power - at least not in America because that's not what made us great. Capitalism is what made us a great and wealthy country.

I am aghast.

Or at least why not spend the money on something useful like we did after WWII when we invested in things that made us money like the Jet Engine? Not zoos, BMX dirt bike trails, gigantic water slides, museums, taverns and waterfalls (which are all included in this new $1.2 trillion plan). I don't think any of those will bring us enough money back to pay that debt off -- nobody in the world will come clamoring for our water slide and waterfall technology like they did with the Jet Engine after WWII.

By the way, if you were counting right now, one, two, three, four, five, six -- it would take you 32 days to get to a million. It would take you 32 years to count to a billion. It would take you 32,000 years to count to a trillion.

Wow. And we hear them talking about it like it's pocket change.


Megan said...

Why don't we just give each person that is a U.S. resident a million bucks, I think the spending and debt would work itself out. That's my grand plan, ha ha!

Amy said...

I like to ignore these horrid realities, Mandi. It's honestly just too appalling.

sherry said...

I am in total agreement. And wondering if our country will continue down this road to socialism. Can't we learn from the past? I am scared for the next 4 years.

cyndee said...

I have been saying the same thing as Megan. Divide the money between the citizens of the US and we will jump-start things! That's good old-fashioned capitalism.