Sunday, February 17, 2008

52 Blessings

Week 7: Nathan

My blessing for this week is actually my blessing for everyday. It's Nate. Tomorrow he leaves for a couple days to Des Moines, Iowa where I hope he doesn't freeze to death! Why would anyone go to Iowa during this time of year when the high is 12 degrees and the low is in the negatives you might ask? (no offense to my family who live there - Megan and Staci and their families.)

I'll tell you why -- because Nate's a superstar! He works so hard for our family and it pays off. He's going to Iowa for his company to receive an award for his good work and it's not the first time he has flown out there. I am just proud of him because it's not everyone who can just decide to do an insurance/retirement planning commission-only job with a family to support and actually succeed. But Nate does. Many of his co-workers are shocked to hear that I stay at home and am having my third child. Like I said, he's a stud. He is the most success-oriented person I have ever met and owns the most business and success books of anyone I have ever met also. He is confident and knows his worth which is good for me to be around as he teaches me to have more confidence in myself.

Besides all his awesome work, he's a great dad who has two adoring daughters who call him "little buddy." Today I crashed after Stake Conference while he made a frozen pizza for he and the girls and then they snuggled and watched the end of an old John Wayne movie. They love being with their dad. And as for being a husband, he is all that I would ever want and has helped me through some of the hardest times of my life.

Oh, and I figured out this weekend why we have begun that horrible habit of eschewing the telephone: because of his work. His phone rings off the hook! And it's not just in the "normal business hours." We have had calls as early as 6:30 in the morning from clients! Then Friday night, a client called two times in a row at 9:30 and Nate finally picked it up the second time only to be asked a simple billing question -- hello! I think that justifies us eschewing the telephone.


Megan said...

I do feel bad for Nate having to fly here today. It's freaking cold!
Isn't it nice to have a husband whom you can adore and miss like crazy when they're gone? He's lucky to have you!
By the way, love all the different banner looks, those are fun. You'll have to teach me how to switch that up.

Mandy said...

I think I would stop answering the phone too. We have had calls at all hours of the night before too. The alarm at the lumberyard Josh runs kept going off for no reason. Josh would have to get out of bed and go and check it out with the police. This happened 4 times in one night. The fun part was that every time the phone rang, Ry would wake up. :)

What a great post about your husband!

Heather said...

Yea for hard working husbands! I was at my cousin's house, who happens to be in your ward (Krystal Adams) she made some yummy bread she got from your sister's cooking site. Anywho, just keep running into people who know you and think you are AWESOME!

(k-what's with the handicap verification?)

Amy said...

I just looked at Megs' blog and am feeling rather sorry for Nate! He is definitely a good dad to your girlies...I love that he's their "little buddy"! And he also happens to be Aidan's hero.