Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For Megan . . . the joys of weeding

These are the two corners of my yard right now.

Wouldn't you feel good about weeding after this?
It really is ridiculous how quickly these suckers sprouted up out of nowhere after all the rains we've had. The ground is soft from the rains, though, and the massive roots come up easily and it thrills me. Plus, our weather is absolutely divine right now and I don't mind sitting on the ground (on my foam gardening pad - no more all-fours for this girl) while the girlies run around and play and occasionally help me.

Savy is actually quite good at weeding although I don't understand how every weed is "cute."


Amy said...

The things that come out of Sav's mouth kill me.

I was absolutely shocked by my sideyard today. I've mocked your weeds, but suddenly I have a multitude of my own!

I just remembered that we forgot to get a picture of your belly today! Tomorrow.

Megan said...

So my question is,can you walk today?
The weeds would drive me nuts, but at the same time, gotta keep that body working for five more weeks!
Savy saying the weeds are cute cracks me up too, you live in such a different (girl) world than me.

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Weeding in February. I'm trying to picture it but can't when there is a foot of snow out my window!

April said...

Ugh I hate those noxious weeds. One of the absolute worst parts of "the fall," for me.

Heather said...

Wow, what a weed she has there. I actually love pulling weeds when the mood is right and of course the ground is soft and the suckers just come right up. So satisfying to survey your work afterwards.

Yes, med school is back on track, read my latest post.

Susan said...

When our weeds come up Bethany loves to pick the flowers off and this year she keeps asking if we can plant dandelions in the garden this year. Good luck with the weeds.