Thursday, February 14, 2008

Storybook Romance

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cards are made. These ones went to Grandma Cyndee while the others (not shown) went to Grandma Norma and Papa Pat. The girls had a blast making their own cards and I controlled myself and let them decorate however they wanted and with whatever colors.

Cookies were made for family night on Monday. We also made some Sunday morning for Nate's family dinner that night. Those ones I should have photographed because I actually piped them and made them cute, but these ones are the family ones. Once again, I am proud of myself for holding back and letting them decorate however they wanted -- the point is that they taste delicious so who cares how they look, right?

Now for a romantic thought for this love day. . .

Ruth Wright Faust, the widow of President James E. Faust died last Sunday morning. Her death comes exactly six months after her husband died.

“Surely his almost storybook romance is among the sweetest in the annals of the church,” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve, said at President Faust’s funeral.

“Ruth Faust adored James E. Faust—everything he did and said, every act or deed or gesture melted her. He felt the same way about her, and they were ‘melted.’

I love that . . . they were 'melted'

Are you 'melted' with your Valentine?

I know I am and I could never function without my Nate by my side.

p.s. this Valentine's Day will be simple and involve lots of my favorite fruit - strawberries!


April said...

Ooo, I love the quote you shared. Melted me, for sure!

Megan said...

I love strawberries, I dipped them in chocolate this afternoon, I'll have to take pictures. So yum!
Your cookies look so good as well, wish I were there to share them. Hope you guys have a great Love Day.

Amy said...

I love your romantic thought & will forever remember him speaking once at BYU where he called his wife up to the pulpit & kissed her saying, "I don't think I've ever kissed you in front of so many people!" I was happy to hear that she passed away and they're reunited.

Heather said...

Love your post. I just know I am going to be the same way with my kids, always restraining myself for correcting and perfecting. Heck, I do it now with Phil.

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

You are such a good mom Mandi. I am still trying to just let my kid's do what they want when it comes to decorating and cleaning! Blah! It is hard so good for you! Just so you know - the cards looked great and so did the cookies. Kudos to your girlies!

Mandy said...

Your girls decorate cookies just like I do! :) The homemade cards are so pretty and I love the quote you shared.

Heather said...

Your mom introduced herself at chruch today. I had no idea she was in the ward AND she is my VT superviser and I call her once a month to report. Go figure.