Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Word of the Week: piquancy

piquancy /n./ agreeably pungent or stimulating to the taste; exciting, agreeably interesting or attractive; an interestingly provocative or lively character. punch. spice. allure. charisma.

piquancy /n./ 1. I am sick and tired of politics. It's lost all it's piquancy for me since all I dreamt about last night were names, percentages and states -- going round and round in my head. That's what I get for having CNN going from 6-11 while I cut out FHE packets for April (more on that later).

piquancy /n./ 2. On the other hand, I can't get enough of the piquancy of my children's conversation. I have overhead some funny and interesting things lately that I need to record.

London: "Is the baby dancing on your bladder? Why does she do that? Does she think your bladder is a toy?" Perhaps I've complained one too many times on my way to the bathroom. . .perhaps.

London: Asking Savannah questions about a b-day party she'd just returned from: "Did Tey (the b-day boy) think you were a princess and want to marry you?"

Savannah: When we were doing a shapes puzzle and she picks up the diamond shape and says: "Diamond. I love diamonds. I wish Aidan would buy me a diamond." I had no idea she knew about that kind of diamond.

Savannah: "I want to be a chef when I grow up. I don't want to be a mom because mom's have cramps." Once again, perhaps I've complained too much about those lower stomach cramps/painful baby movements in the last few weeks.

2 weeks later: "I just want to be a big sister and stay at home with mom."

Yesterday: Amy and her boys were over for lunch and Amy informed Savannah that chefs and big sisters have cramps also -- all girls get cramps to which Savannah vehemently declared: "I'm going to tear myself out and be a boy!" Okay. I tried to explain how wonderful it was to be a girl, but then had to reign it in because Aidan was looking confused and worried about being a boy so we left it at that. Is there any winning with children?

piquancy /n./ 3. Finally, I crave the piquancy of Carrabba's lately and will be needing to go soon. What'll be on the menu? Bread/olive oil combo, salad, calamari and pollo rosa maria. My favorite meal at any restuarant.


Amy said...

cute banner & I love your side pictures of the girlies.

I'm laughing again at the funny things said yesterday. Sav is hilario.

April said...

Brilliant use of piquancy. I especially loved the comments of your little ones...poor Savannah has no idea. My girls were shocked and horrified to find out where the babies actually have to come out. MY Savannah said, with tears, "But doesn't that hurt?" Yes, dear, it does.

Heather said...

Nice words from wise little girls. And lol with the above comment. Do you just browse through the dictionary? btw, I answered your question in my comments.

Megan said...

Your girls crack me up. Those comments are so funny.
I can't believe how politically obsessed you've been. What's up with that? It would just frustrate me. But I would have rather dreamed about politics last night than what I did dream about. I had a dream that my baby came out sideways, yeah, sideways!! It was scary.

The Scotts said...

Your girls are too cute! I love the cramps comment and I'm going to tear myself out and be a boy comment!

Mandy said...

those conversations/comments are so funny! My favorite was the baby dancing on your bladder.

michelle said...

The cute comments have me smiling. I think it is great that your recording them.

Kelly said...

I'm sick of politics, too! Keith is out of town, and our house has become an MSNBC-free zone. aaaaaah.

Your girls are so cute, and I love that you are recording all their hilarious conversations.