Friday, March 20, 2009


I still need to post about Savy's birthday and that's coming. I still can't believe she's six.

As for Spring Break, it's almost over and I was barely aware that it had begun. The girlies have had fun playing with friends and cousins.

Wednesday night Nate and I went on the best date EVER (yes, even better than doing P90X together). We went and saw Les Miserables. I thought Nate's life was seriously lacking in having never seen a production of Les Mis so I bought us tickets and it was his Christmas present -- I love those kind of presents that are also for you. . .
He loved it, but I must admit that I am a theater snob. I heard this production received a 5-star review, but I disagree. Maybe London just does it better than anyone and I just can't beat the two times I saw it there.

I did, however, love the music and even though I disagreed with how some of the main characters chose to sing their parts, I still loved hearing it again. I will say that the innkeeper and his wife were the best pair I've seen play the part! They were hilarious.

It made me laugh and it made me cry and it was a perfect date.

had the girls spend the night since it was Spring Break (thank you, thank you).

She even kept Reagan! Her first sleepover!

When I went over there yesterday she wouldn't let me put her down, afraid I'd disappear again no doubt. However, that feeling has quickly dissipated seeing as this morning my neighbor, Megan, came to the door and Reagan rushed over to her and then wouldn't come back to me. Instead, she just laid her sweet little head on Megan's shoulder, looking up to check on who was holding her every couple seconds and then laying down again.

I put my arms out and she flat out refused to come back!!!!!

Another first. It made me kind of sad and I think she knew because she eventually came back to me.
(Megan and Reagan at Christmas-time)

I don't know, there's some kind of bond there -- Reagan really likes Megan. Perhaps it's all those 5:45 workouts that Reagan likes to join us on. She's always crawling over to Megan's mat, not mine - well, that could also be because I accidentally kicked her once during Kenpo (don't worry, it wasn't hard and she was fine). She just really really likes Megan. . . . and so do I for that matter.

Enough rattling.

Birthday post to come.


Tiffany said...

It's fun to catch up and see your cute girls!

Those curls are amazing! My 2nd daughter had curls and it just shocked me so much--I thought everyone was destined to have my straight hair.

sherry said...

London DOES do Les Mis better! I only know because my first exposure to it in Jr. High was from the taped London version. I was very disappointed when I heard the Broadway version. And I am sooo jealous that you got to see it in London!In my family we are split over who prefers les Mis and who prefers Phantom, and I am the leader of the Les Mis group. In fact, it was the last discussion I had with my dad before he died. He was firmly on my side since the 9th grade when I forced him to take me to see it. And part of the reason I knew Wendell was a keeper was because he knew my Les Mis songs! ahhh the memories...

Amy said...

I was always more than a little jealous of Reagan's early morning Megan preference. What's up with that?! I guess I should be grateful that it extends to you as well.

So glad you guys got a real night out! Everyone should see Les Mis at least once in their life.

Megan said...

well, when you smell as good as I do when working out it is hard to keep away.