Sunday, March 22, 2009

Savy's Sixth Birthday

This little six year old is into anything make-up or jewelry. Hence, the purse cake spilling out bracelets, hair bands, and eye shadow. Savs wanted to have a party at the park so we grilled and invited the fam along with her "best friend" Kaylee. Papa Pat with Paige.Grandma Cyndee made the rockin' cake!
Thank you for doing it so last minute!
Amy and Savy had planned a purse/lipstick cake for months, but Amy suddenly came down super-sick and couldn't so Cyndee (like the great mother she is) came to the rescue!
She's been wanting a real watch because she's learned how to tell time in kindergarten.

Below are just some cute bugs I found at the park:
Aunt JoDee sent this cute flip-flop card with $6.00! Savannah was beyond excited and used some of the money to buy lipsticks (of course). So here's our thank-you picture for JoDee to show that her money was well-spent! (don't you love London in the background)

The real day (Sunday)

Well, the real day I was super-tired and slept in until 10 (which I NEVER do) while Nate decided to make Savy yet another birthday cake. He even decorated it with purple and yellow sugar crystals to appease his girly-girl. What a good dad!
Someone enjoyed preparing for her big day which is coming up in two weeks!


Amy said...

I'm still sad about not doing the purse cake. Sav looks darling in that first picture. Our kids are growing up too (damn!) fast. I'm still floored that Reagan's birthday is two short weeks away.

Megan said...

The cake turned out very cute. Can't believe she's six, wow.
Les Mis looked like fun, hope you guys had a great time.

Mandy said...

Cute, cute cake! Happy birthday to your Savy.