Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Valentine's Day

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE England. I always have ever since I was a little girl. Maybe it stemmed from my mother's interest in the British monarchy and history or maybe it stemmed from me watching my sisters read Victoria Holt books which I automatically read as well once I hit about fifth grade (Victorian light romances - very clean). At BYU, I went to London for a semester (Fall '98) and fell in love all over again with England, only this time it was tangible and even better than I had imagined!

Here in Arizona, not much resembles England except on thing, albeit a bit trashy: the Renaissance Festival. Nate and I went when we were first married and then we went about two years ago with Amy and Jim. So this year for Valentine's Day, we packed up the kids, picked up Cyndee and headed out to the Renaissance Festival.
Savannah and London got so excited and remembered that you can dress up like princesses. They love it because everyone there addresses them as "princess." What girly wouldn't like that?

The day was fun, but we determined that we probably won't be heading back because it really is flat out trashy and our girls are getting old enough to notice immodesty and there's A LOT of cleavage there!

Here are a few of the little pictures I took:
Highlights of the day included:
1. turkey legs - my girls LOVE meat on a bone because they seem to think it funny and entertaining to eat like a "barbarian" - can you tell they're Nate's children?
2. the fire-jugglers
3. The dragon-slide wrapped around a turret - you climb up the tower and then slide down the slide which is the dragon's body.
4. the joust
5. the petting zoo
6. and finally, Savannah getting her hair done. Grandma Cyndee insisted and Savs was super-excited although you would never guess from her seriousness in the pictures. So cute.
We were all quite taken back when she chose green flowers.

The girls had a great day and that's all that matters, but we won't tell them that that was their last time going there. I just love going places as a family.


Amy said...

I say bring on the trashiness! J/K, though I do love going, too. But Jim not liking it in the least puts a damper on my desire to make it a priority. He says it's more about thespians than the renaissance... probably true, I guess.

Megan said...

It is trashy, but fun. I guess I'll find someone else to go with when I'm there next year!! Although I'm sure I can change your mind. Or maybe we could go without kids.

Mandy said...

Your girls look so cute in their princess outfits! Savannah does look like she is taking her hair-do very seriously.

sherry said...

We really need a family friendly Renaissance Festival. I am afraid my kids are way too old not to notice, and one child is male;) Mitchell's school did one that was a lot of fun.