Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You might be a Mormon if . . .

Your husband comes home after you've spent the day canning
(3 hours of shaking) butter and he calls the deed . . . .

wait for it . . . .

he calls it . . . .



I never knew canning was a turn-on.
Maybe I'll start canning more. . .

Sunday Art

London's artwork from primary this past Sunday.

They learned about baptism so this is a drawing of her daddy baptizing her.

I love that she is covered in water -- I guess she understood the immersion concept.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Track and Field Day

I totally forgot to post about helping our little kinders with track and field day, the last day before Spring Break . It was really fun to see my own child (and my nephew) in their little school world.

I loved it.

We started with the Parachute.
Savy wouldn't come stand by her mom, but Aidan quickly rearranged to be next to me. My Savs
Savannah and her cute little friend, Brooke. I love the way little girls always have to hold hands.
FrisbeeThe boys - - - classic!
(doesn't Aidan look so cool?)
Boys vs. GirlsTug-a-warboys vs. girls againThis was Aidan's all-time favorite event of the day. Go figure, he likes brute strength (and let me tell you the boy has plenty of it!)
down, but not beaten.
Freeze tag - this is where I learned Savannah's a wimp like her mother, staying on the outskirts of the game rather than venturing into the masses.
Snacks and a break on the playground where Savy caught up with her "boyfriend," Kyle. I hear a lot about this boy and just cracked up at their little conversation on the swings.
It was a fun day, but at the end of the whole thing, I couldn't help but wonder what happened to relay races, hurdles, long jump and the high jump. Isn't that track and field? Or are we really turning into a society of no competition and everyone's a winner so we can't do things like that? Just curious. Maybe for the older kids in the afternoon it was real track and field.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to. . .

Here's how to ask someone to watch your children through an email entitled, "Tomorrow."

Hey Mandi...

Can you watch my two while I go on a visit tomorrow at 11:30? It's just one visit, so it shouldn't take too long. Gracias if your answer is yes. And if your answer is no, curses to you.

I loved, loved, loved this email.

It made me laugh. Many times over.

And, no, I will not get cursed tomorrow.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Savy's Sixth Birthday

This little six year old is into anything make-up or jewelry. Hence, the purse cake spilling out bracelets, hair bands, and eye shadow. Savs wanted to have a party at the park so we grilled and invited the fam along with her "best friend" Kaylee. Papa Pat with Paige.Grandma Cyndee made the rockin' cake!
Thank you for doing it so last minute!
Amy and Savy had planned a purse/lipstick cake for months, but Amy suddenly came down super-sick and couldn't so Cyndee (like the great mother she is) came to the rescue!
She's been wanting a real watch because she's learned how to tell time in kindergarten.

Below are just some cute bugs I found at the park:
Aunt JoDee sent this cute flip-flop card with $6.00! Savannah was beyond excited and used some of the money to buy lipsticks (of course). So here's our thank-you picture for JoDee to show that her money was well-spent! (don't you love London in the background)

The real day (Sunday)

Well, the real day I was super-tired and slept in until 10 (which I NEVER do) while Nate decided to make Savy yet another birthday cake. He even decorated it with purple and yellow sugar crystals to appease his girly-girl. What a good dad!
Someone enjoyed preparing for her big day which is coming up in two weeks!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I still need to post about Savy's birthday and that's coming. I still can't believe she's six.

As for Spring Break, it's almost over and I was barely aware that it had begun. The girlies have had fun playing with friends and cousins.

Wednesday night Nate and I went on the best date EVER (yes, even better than doing P90X together). We went and saw Les Miserables. I thought Nate's life was seriously lacking in having never seen a production of Les Mis so I bought us tickets and it was his Christmas present -- I love those kind of presents that are also for you. . .
He loved it, but I must admit that I am a theater snob. I heard this production received a 5-star review, but I disagree. Maybe London just does it better than anyone and I just can't beat the two times I saw it there.

I did, however, love the music and even though I disagreed with how some of the main characters chose to sing their parts, I still loved hearing it again. I will say that the innkeeper and his wife were the best pair I've seen play the part! They were hilarious.

It made me laugh and it made me cry and it was a perfect date.

had the girls spend the night since it was Spring Break (thank you, thank you).

She even kept Reagan! Her first sleepover!

When I went over there yesterday she wouldn't let me put her down, afraid I'd disappear again no doubt. However, that feeling has quickly dissipated seeing as this morning my neighbor, Megan, came to the door and Reagan rushed over to her and then wouldn't come back to me. Instead, she just laid her sweet little head on Megan's shoulder, looking up to check on who was holding her every couple seconds and then laying down again.

I put my arms out and she flat out refused to come back!!!!!

Another first. It made me kind of sad and I think she knew because she eventually came back to me.
(Megan and Reagan at Christmas-time)

I don't know, there's some kind of bond there -- Reagan really likes Megan. Perhaps it's all those 5:45 workouts that Reagan likes to join us on. She's always crawling over to Megan's mat, not mine - well, that could also be because I accidentally kicked her once during Kenpo (don't worry, it wasn't hard and she was fine). She just really really likes Megan. . . . and so do I for that matter.

Enough rattling.

Birthday post to come.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My Sweet Little Six-Year Old.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grandma's Birthday at the Park

Yesterday Amy and I picked up the kinders and headed to a park by G&G Jones' house. I love doing things with G&G because my kids absolutely adore them!

We invited the Jones' boy's wives and kids which always makes for fun times and conversation (especially since we don't get to see them as much as we should). The cousins all had a blast and Amy (of course) made a delicious cake called a hummingbird cake. Scott and Stephanie's latest edition - Emmit (but I don't know how to spell his name)Amberlee was quarantined because of an undiagnosed sickness. Poor girl, she really didn't feel well and by the end was begging Emily to go home and go to bed.

The big hit of the day with my chicas was the baby swings.

Did I ever mention my London has some major personality??? These pics speak for themselves!
This last one makes me go into fits of laughter every time I look for it. Her arms look tiny and it looks like her head is on backwards -- I'm telling you that if you haven't been around London lately, these pictures are her to a tee, she's wild and crazy. And yet there is also a sweet and tender side to my psycho child. I love her to death! And I'm quite interested to see if she and Collin get along and how they will act together when Megan moves here because I know Collin is just as crazy in his own right.

Someone else enjoyed the swings just as much!
See her two front teeth that are popping out?

Someone who didn't enjoy the baby swing as much was Aidan. He climbed himself into one and then got STUCK! I tried to lift him out, but the boy is seriously too heavy for me. So I called Stephanie to come help me. The mother of two boys herself claimed she could do it with her big muscles. Yeah right. She tried to no avail and we both just laughed as I lifted and she pushed his legs up through the holes. Free at last. I told A never to climb into one of those again because Aunt Mandi would not get him out again.