Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Day of Preschool

Yesterday Savannah and London headed out for the first day of preschool with Mrs. Jill. Aidan is also in their class which made it easier - as I'm sure being together did too. I decided to put them together in the same class (London's in the 4-year old class even though she's only 3) because I didn't want to be running around all day at different times to pick up/drop off both of them. I also wanted to have a block of alone time to work on my BYU schoolwork and get this degree thing finished! And that's not even mentioning how nice it will be in March when I have a new baby and have that time alone with him/her. So, I figure London can handle all those 4-year olds and she'll be extra excited to be in Jill's class again next year and be the pro.

Savannah woke up at 6:30 ready to go. I told her to go play quietly because it was way too early! So Nate and I hear her in the other room looking at books and this is what we heard:

"S is for Savannah" "L is for London" and various other letters being reviewed.

Then it was on to the colors as she would say all the colors. It was so cute -- getting ready to learn!!!

I have gone through various emotions with this preschool thing. A couple weeks ago I got really sad thinking that I would miss them both for 3 hours 3 days a week - and then London would probably come home and nap on top of that!

but then last week happened. . .

And last week was one of the worst parenting weeks of my life! I just felt like it was all falling apart: the girls started fighting and arguing everyday and sassing back to me which they have never done before. I just did not want to deal with it and preschool couldn't come fast enough -- so my sadness flew out the window and quickly feelings of anticipation replaced them as I looked forward to Monday.

And it finally arrived.
Savy and London acted cool, calm and collected on the way there.

Afterwards I didn't get much information out of them until London was napping and I sat down alone with Savy to hear all about school. In fact, all London would say was that they got cheese crackers and apples for a snack. Savy, however, went on and on with entertaining details of the day which is great because last year she had this weird thing about everything being a secret and I couldn't know. Probably the funniest thing she said was this:

"We have a boy named Collin in our class, but he's not the real Collin."

She was referring to my sister, Megan's, little boy Collin. Apparently anyone else named Collin isn't real. Then I laughed and she realized what she'd said and tried to fix it:

"I mean, he's not pretend, he's real, but he's not our Collin." Much better.
It's going to be a fun year for them.


Amy said...

I have only one emotion for preschool - yay! Already I have a new & cherished sense of freedom. Hallelujah!

Mandy said...

How nice to have a couple of hours to yourself. The pictures are so cute!

The Scotts said...

How fun that they are both together! I was excited for Abby to start but then remembered I still have Jake. Which I love but it will be less of a break since Abby entertains him. Oh well at least she will have fun!

Megan said...

I'm glad you're experiencing the wonderful world of freedom with me (or I guess with out me!) for the first time this year. Too bad we don't live by each other!! And I'm especially enjoying it since it all comes to a crashing end in March, but a good kind of crashing.