Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Like Megan, I have tons of random things today -- funny things the girls have done or said that I've jotted down on paper to remember. Some of them still crack me up even though they happened last week!

1. Lunchtime: I ask if they want a cookie or a carrot. London's reply: "I want carrots because I can't see better." Apparently she was listening when I told her carrots are good for her eyesight. Ever since I laughed at that, they have both wanted carrots at least 3 times a day, telling me they can't see until they eat carrots. Weird children.

2. Last weekend the girls played all morning in the playroom without a peep so I decided to go check on them. They each had a baby and informed me that they were magic and London told me "sometimes we get tired of our babies and magic them away."

Where do I get some of that magic???? (my girls have been fighting for the past 3 days and I'm in shock and sick of it! Preschool starts Monday and I am as ready as them!)

3. I have a new nickname that I'm not quite comfortable with because it's shared with Deity. I'm "the maker." My girls don't call cooking cooking - it's making. So I frequently get requests to help me "make." Last week they decided that since I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner that I was "the maker." I'm hoping if I don't make a big deal, they'll forget it and go back to calling me "your highness" or something.

4. London said the prayer the other day at the dinner table and said the funniest thing: "Please bless Jesus and Heavenly Father that they will have a good day at work." I love hearing the funny and sweet things they come up with in their prayers.


Amy said...

Every one of those stories is classic. I love your girlies like crazy!

Megan said...

I love hearing about all the random fun stories of things they say. Kids really say the nuttiest things, I need to document those things more frequently.