Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday JoDee!

10 things about JoDee for her birthday.

1. She has the cutest house you have ever seen! I love going up there and seeing what new things she has done to it -- both inside and outside.

For example:

her kitchen

2. She loves to laugh and once all the siblings are together, it's hard to get her to stop laughing and being silly - it's really fun.

3. She karaokes like a champ!

4. She has the funnest family who are always going and doing fun things.
Andersyn, Talin and Baylee

5. She has four of the cutest kids in the world: Andersyn, Madalyn, Baylee, and Crew.

6. She is very thoughtful and never forgets a thank you card or a birthday card in the mail.

7. I love when she comes to the valley to visit because she inspires me to shop which I hardly ever do and I love the break! (although I'm not sure Nate's as thrilled about the shopping).

8. She's the best shopper in the world and I also love going to Cedar and having her take me to her favorite places -- I always come home from Cedar with new clothes!

9. She has more friends than anyone I know -- she and Shane are always going out and doing things with various people and they have tons of fun together. Plus, she understands the importance of "girls night out" and always insists we have one when the family's together. We're working up to a girls trip someday.

10. I'm glad that she's my sister!

Sorry I couldn't find any pictures of her from recent times -- we're pathetic because we usually just take pictures of our kids! As pathetic as it is, this is the best and most recent photo I could find, taken a couple years ago at a holiday party at Aunt Judy's house (when I was pg with Savy so I didn't have kids to take picturess of).

Megan, me and JoDee


Megan said...

Yeah, happy birthday JoDee! I managed to make her a cake she didn't really like while she was here, and gave her a framed photo of her and Baylee that she didn't love either. Great sister I am! Next time I'll do better!
Hope you have a great day Jo and do something wonderfully fun without any kids!
And I just have to say that it really is pathetic that we don't have recent photos of us as sisters together or anything like that, and if there is a photo taken of one of us it's typically because we're holding a child. We really need to be better little family, keep that in mind for the next time we're together. Okay?

JoDee said...

First off, Megan that is not true, I loved the cake and picture. Thanks Mandi for the nice thoughts about me. You made me sound more exciting than I really am !

Nina said...

Mandi, you are the BOMB! I think everything you said about JoDee is very true.. Jo have you sold your house yet? Hope you have a GREAT year. Mandi, have fun with Megan I am way jealous wish I was going.

Megan said...

Okay, I have to retract my statement. JoDee really did like the cake and the picture, I think she was just a little tired from napping and I mistook that as not liking those things.

Amy said...

I'm in love with Megs' hair in that picture. And I'm shocked by how long yours was! Why don't I remember that stage? Happy birthday, JoDee! You summed her up perfectly, Mandi!

Kelly said...

I'm also in love with Megan's hair in that picture -- so cute! It's been fun reading about JoDee today -- happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Why can't I figure out how to comment without being anonymous!!! I love my JoDee and I'm so glad that you all are celebrating her life. She is the one that says she has no talents. Pshaw! Mandi your tribute is awesome. Cyndee