Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Sweetest Thing

No, I'm not talking about the U2 song although it is one of my favorites that brings back some fabulous memories of my study abroad in London (right when the song came out).

No, I'm talking about dads and daughters.

The other night after bath time I asked Nate if he wanted to brush teeth or hair. I knew the answer before I asked the question - hair. He loves brushing the girls' hair.

As I brushed London's teeth and looked over to see him brushing Savy's hair, it struck me how soft and careful he is and how he could do it forever if I didn't keep things moving. It's just sweet to see a manly man who hunts, fishes, rebuilds guns, etc. to soften up and be so sweet and tender with his little girls. I love watching him brush their hair.

Besides, I'm sure they prefer it over me because I'm not quite that tender and soft . . .


Susan said...

That is sweet. Adam's job is to cuddle and warm the kids while I clean up and collect things for the next step...bed time. It is nice to have an extra pair of hands after bath time. I'm sure Nate is a good Daddy that is loved by his daughters.

Megan said...

I remember dad was always the one to crimp my hair. It took like an hour to do, but he did it. I guess when you have a bunch of girls you find yourself doing things to help out that are unexpected of your nature.

Kelly said...

That is so sweet! Keith has a little collection of hair-dos that he can do with elastics, but if they come to him with a barrette, he has no idea and makes them come to me. So funny!