Thursday, September 6, 2007

People, Bunk Beds and The Little Theatre

I am catching up with what happened last week because I never got around to it last week - could have been some nausea, but we'll not talk about that. . .


Last Sunday, London suddenly started drawing her first people. She's kind of older to do this, so I was really excited because she's never really been as into art as much as Savannah. She was so excited in sacrament meeting that she could draw them that she tried to yell at Amy who was half-way to the stage and we were in the overflow. Yes, our ward fills up almost to the stage every week! Can you believe it??? Luckily we're getting split this Sunday and maybe then I can have a chance to actually recognize some faces every week. But I digress, here I scanned her first person, Papa Pat (Nate's dad):

The Little Theatre

Last Monday Amy went visiting teaching and I watched the boys. Earlier that morning, the girlies had put on a puppet show for Nate before he left to work. Using the couch to hide just didn't work to my satisfaction so I used their new bunk bed boxes and made two little theatres.
Amy came back and we decided to paint them. So instead of painting the last coat on their bedroom, I painted the theatres with the lime green paint intended for their room. (I did also get the room painted, but afterwards.)

That night Amy and Jim came over to save the day and help put together the bunk beds that we recently got for the girls. London is thrilled to not be in a crib and it's about time since she's 3!!!! Poor girl. So the boys did their man-thing of putting the beds together as they rolled their eyes at us painting cute flowers on our theatre. Amy is always game for fun things that really don't need to be done and take a long time -- apparently I am too. But they turned out so darling, and Amy made puppets for the children that made it all complete.

Here are the kids with their puppets of themselves

What's a story without the villain - here is ours . . .
the grumpy old troll

You might wonder what the heck kind of story they performed for us that night. Well, it wasn't exactly as spiritual as FHE Little Theatre should have been, but we'll all survive.

Nate loves to tell the girls his own bedtime stories. He always makes up various stories about the adventures of the two fairy princess sisters who usually get into trouble or learn some kind of lesson. Their favorite is when they get turned into a monkey and a goat for being mean and then learn how to be nice. And more often than not, Nate can't resist making himself the hero as King Nate rides into the forest and saves his little girls. When we moved close to Aidan and Davyn, the girls requested a new version with their cousins so Nate gave them one with a grumpy old troll who wouldn't let the children cross a bridge. The kids all love this story and always tell it to eachother so that was the obvious choice for opening night.

the play in progress - Savannah was the narrator

Bunk Beds

I'm sure people think I'm crazy when I tell them I painted the girls' room lime green, but I absolutely love it! So fresh and clean! I still need to find some cute curtains and take a trip to Ikea for a toy shelf and I have a few crafty things I have planned, but for now, this is a big step forward for me. I'll update as the room progresses.


The Scotts said...

Very cute, all of it! I love the green! I did Abby's room green and pink. How fun for them to share a room with bunk beds! I remember Summer and I loved sharing a room all growing up. My Mom probably hated it because we stayed up too late!

Amy said...

I love the girls' bed poses. Both say so much about them individually!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Wow - I am very impressed w/ the "the Little Theatre." It is really darling. And I love lime green! Especially w/ the white bunk beds....very cool. And if I could give you any advice and/or comfort of the unpleasantness of pregnacy I would BUT I was the puking machine for the entire 9 months w/ both of my kids. YUCK! Pregnancy is sooooo much fun.....

Kelly said...

I love the girls' room color! My middles share, and I wanted to paint their room that color, but Keith convinced me to go a shade lighter, which I guess is fine now that we're selling our house, but it's not as fun as yours -- SO cute!