Saturday, January 26, 2008

Arts and Craps

A few months ago, Amy took Savannah through the Chick-fil-a drive-thru and in her kids meal she got a booklet with arts and crafts for kids. When I picked Savy up, she informed me that she had a book that taught her how to make arts and craps and could she please make some arts and craps.

I have never claimed to be crafty. In fact, I envy those people who do such cute things -- and believe me, I've seen some crafty women who are so talented since I started blogging. So my idea of arts and crafts probably seems silly to some of those talented people, but it's the best I've got.

Amy planned a few great crafts for us to do with JoDee in town last week. We decided that instead of getting frustrated about how many littles we had and how difficult it was to go out, that we'd plan some crafts to keep us occupied and at home instead of rounding up 8 kids to go to the mall or Target every day.

Crap . . . I mean craft #1 was a Valentine's Day door hanger. We set out with high hopes for this project, but as it progressed we got more and more frightened of it. Finally, it pulled together in the end and I like the final result and am even thinking about putting it in my baby room since it's pink and brown and those are the colors I want to paint/decorate with -- we'll see. Nate's not a fan of the door hanger. His response upon seeing it was: "So, are we the love house?" I replied that yes, we were and didn't he think that there was lots of love in our house???? Men.

Craft #2 was some homemade birthday and thank you cards which made me very excited not only because they are darling, but also because I think they will help me be more on top of that kind of thing this year (hopefully). It's always nice to just have those things on-hand so that it's not another thing on your to-do list that you'll probably not do anyway. Amy thought of the cute stitching and I love it although it took some time (and I'm still not done yet), but at least whoever gets one of these will know the love that went into that stitching (ha! ha!).

So those are my attempts at being crafty -- thanks to Amy's ideas and prodding. I've also finished up the girls' room and am hoping to get pictures posted early next week. It's come together nicely and I absolutely LOVE their names on the wall . . . but you'll just have to wait until I can get the camera from Nate and download them.


Heather said...

You Crafty Girl you! I love them, all of them, especially the cards, super cute paper. And lol at Nate's response, that is something Phil woul dsay, not noticing all the time, effort and dare I say love, put into it.

Megan said...

The crafts turned out really cute. It's nice that you can use the doorhanger for room decoration afterwards, and then you won't have to store it away.

Kelly said...

Arts and Craps! That cracked me up. These are both so cute. I am still laughing that Amy's ribbons freaked her out, so she took them off.

Mandy said...

The crafts are so cute. I really like the Valentine's day craft!

I can't wait to see pictures of the girls' room.

Amy said...

The "arts and craps" kills me. Hilario.

April said...

I was dying all through this post...especially your husbands comments on the door hanger. You have me giggling over here!