Monday, January 14, 2008

Undisturbed Sleep

I figured out why I am always tired.

#1 The child inside me.

#2 The children outside me that came from inside me.

Both cause me to never attain that elusive undisturbed sleep. Doesn't your body need that in order to get REAL rest? Two hour increments of sleep just don't do it for my, I'm afraid. For example:

Saturday night

10:00 pm went to bed

11:45 pm bathroom

2:00 am

I wake up (for the bathroom break) and see that the girls have their door open and light on. I jump up quickly thinking that London had gotten up to use the bathroom and is confused and I need to get that light off before Savannah gets woken up. I walk passed the bathroom. . .no London. Into their room . . . no little girls. Into their little walk-in closet where the light was on and they sometimes play . . . no children. Then it hits me and I go into the extra room that's a cross between a playroom and new baby room that's not organized yet. Sure enough the door is shut and the light is on. I walk in and there they are on the floor playing.

Did you notice the time? Yes, it was 2 in the morning! I don't know what the heck they were thinking, but there were no protests when I marched them both into their beds and told them to go back to sleep.

5:45 am -- bathroom

6:30 am -- girls are up and playing (not-so-quietly) in their room.

7:30 am -- I finally get up because I can't seem to sleep when they are awake and playing so loudly. I know they're not getting into anything and their door is shut in their room, but I guess I need complete silence to sleep.

The 2 in the morning thing still seems a bit surreal, but I bet that would explain why they were both incredibly cranky yesterday and we even had problems during sacrament and Nate had to finally take London out. The funny thing is that that's the second time this has happened in the past year and I just don't get it -- has anyone else had this happen or are my girls just strangely obsessed with playing? I think they get confused because at 6:30 (their new wake-up time as of a couple weeks) it's still dark so maybe they just figured it was time to get up. As for me, I'll just be hanging out here waiting for some undisturbed sleep.


April said...

Um, you may be waiting a long time. With that new one on the way too...I hate to tell you the truth of your situation. It may destroy your will to live.

Sometime I will have to tell you the tragedy that happened to me in an attempt to get more sleep when my kids were 3, 2, and 2 months. It did not end well. Too bad you can't get your husband to pee for you...then maybe you could switch off sleeping every other night.

Susan said...

I told Adam the other night that I wish I was hooked to a catheter(sp?). It would have made the night go much more smooth. I feel your pain. Either I getting up to go to the bathroom or console a child who is having yet another bad dream. Good luck with your full nights sleep.

Amy said...

I agree with April on that last item. I despise the last of pregnancy when the urgency to pee all.the.time. hits. So not fun. Your girls are a crack up. Davyn and London are deep in play land right now...I saw them once for a snack, and then they shut the door on the play room again and I haven't heard a peep.

Mandy said...

I can't believe they were up at 2! I hope you get some undisturbed sleep soon.

I loved April's comment about having your husband pee for you.

Heather said...

I hate the pregnancy pees! Every 2 hours I would be up.

Proud of you for being on the ball and registering in your new county and what not! I am right ther with you on Feb 5th, actually, not really since I like to do early ballot, if that's possible...I should look into that.

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

Jeremy and I have decided that we will probably never get any sleep until our kids have kids of their own and they get no sleep themselves. Then we will just get the sleep that they don't get! Ha!

Megan said...

I can not believe they were up at two playing. That's insane, I would have lost it. You especially need all the sleep you can get now before the baby comes. Thank goodness my kids are good sleepers, cause I'm sleeping like a rock now, I know when this kid comes I'll never sleep again!