Friday, January 4, 2008

Bikers and Hidden Treasure

The day after Christmas we headed to the park near our house because the girls were dying to try out the new bikes. Well, Savy's wasn't exactly new, but it's been in the garage with flat tired for a long, long time so it was new to her. I must not be up on the bike thing because this is the first time they've been off the plastic big-wheel type bikes and onto "real bikes." The transition can be frustrating because they always want to pedal backwards which works on the big-wheels, but stops you on the real bikes. Nate did some awesome teaching and London was off! She's didn't need two teaching sessions. She just took off and has even crashed a few times because of her recklessness and speed. But Nate pep-talked her about how everyone falls and he did as a little boy and you just jump up and get back on. So, every time she falls, that's exactly what she does. No big deal. But like I said earlier, I'm getting a helmet for evil kenival next time I'm at Target!

Today I took them to the park and they did awesome.

London kept saying, "mom, I'm getting the hand of it!" (no, that's not a typo.) And so she is - she's learned to maneuver her body to balance out the bike so she can take turns at high speed and not crash. I saw it save her a few times today from major wipe-outs.

The race.

London must have taken this picture, but it reminded me of something funny Savy said last week at the dinner table. She said, "mom, my hair is like treasure." It took me a minute to realize she was referring to her hair color being like golden treasure, but once it clicked I thought it was quite the clever insight.


Susan said...

Don't kids just say the cutest things that can only make you laugh. Your girls are so cute.

Megan said...

I really love this new template you have. So nice.
They look so grown up on their bikes, crazy! I wish we could go outside and bike ride, we're suffering from our inactive, indoor lifestyle. Counting down the days until spring, so it looks like a ton of fun to just be outside.

Mandy said...

Your blog looks so pretty! I almost picked this same template. How funny.

I think it must be so much fun and yet a little scary to watch your littles ride their bikes. It would be hard to let them fall but I guess that's how you learn.

Amy said...

London is a crack-up on her bike. Seriously. And Savy's remarks are always a treasure...that girl says the funniest things!