Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Post Holiday Post

Catch-up time.

As usual, I'm behind on posting, but I have determined to be better in the new year and post things in a timely manner so that I can always remember even the little things that have happened in our lives. Like today, we left Nate's parents' house and London declared: "Grandma Norma is SOOO nice." London is sooo cute.

But on to documenting the holiday.


Sunday night we went over to Nate's sister, Jill's house for a nice dinner with Nate's family.

Dallin is the ring-leader on this side of the family and always has a fun game for the littles to play.
Jill read the kids the Christmas story, but London was the only one completely enthralled (as you can see). Did I mention in any earlier posts how obsessed she's become with the story of Christ's birth? It's her favorite. Even this morning, she was playing with a Santa decoration and singing some made-up song about how it's not about the presents, it's about Jesus' birthday, etc. Her favorite song now is Away in a Manager and I'm quite impressed that she must have learned all the words in nursery because I don't go around the house singing it.


I have no pictures for Christmas Eve, but we had a fabulous dinner of prime rib, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and salad. Fabulous even though I prefer my prime rib more cooked than most everyone there, but it was still great.


The girls didn't get up early -- luckily. And they were quite hesitant to go downstairs -- surprisingly. But once they came down, the excitement settled in.

A couple weeks ago we got a pump to fix Savy's bike and so that fueled London into wanting a "big girl bike." And Santa listened. She was very happy. She caught on very quickly and is a riding demon -- I didn't think they needed helmets but with this daredevil I think I'll have to get one next time I go out!

Savannah cracked us up. Every present she saw or opened required an excited squeal. She definitely enjoyed everything. . . even the orange in her stocking!

Who would have thought an orange would be so exciting? Well, I guess if it's an orange from the North Pole. . .

Nate's parents dropped by to see the loot and give the girls their presents. Ever since their cousin, Emma, came from Denver, they've talked about Webkins (little pets that you can register online). So they each got a dog and were ecstatic. Oh, and I was thrilled for two Where's Waldo books - I think they're so fun and so reminiscent of my childhood days. London's actually quite good at spotting Waldo.

Pat and Norma left to have their Christmas feast and our other guests arrived: Grandma and Grandpa Jones, Grandma Cyndee and Tyler and Gina and family.

I thought our Christmas table turned out gorgeous and it was very nice to have an intimate dinner with so few people. The food turned out great as was the company. The whole day was great - relaxed and unstressed. I loved it because I spent most of the day holding my new nephew, Ryder and my fabulous Nate even did the dishes.

Grandpa Jones and Wyatt. Wyatt definitely has his dad's curly, wild hair.

Grandma Jones and Ryder. He is the perfect baby. I don't think I heard him cry once and he laughs and smiles a ton and even babbles at you when he's in the mood. I think I took some video of it and we'll see if I can't get it on here sometime this week.

Tyler playing with Christmas toys.
Not the best picture of London, but Ryder looks darling! I took like five pictures of Savannah with him and she closed her eyes in every single one. I don't know what to do what to do with that girl!

Noah spent most of the day at the table eating treats. When we realized it, though, I think it was a little late and he didn't feel so hot.

Wyatt. Tyler calls him a little hobbit and I'd have to say the description fits him well. I think he was in a whole new world at my house because he's used to all boys and Baylee (who is a tom-boy if I ever saw one). So when he came down with princess stickers on his face and baby dolls in his hands, it was a new look. But then again, Savannah can get anyone to do anything I think - she's quite the leader.

I have no pictures of Wesley because he played Playstation the whole time. Nate never plays it, but it sure has come in handy for both Thanksgiving and Christmas with these elementary school little boys.

It was a great day, but I am now ready for the new year to begin. I love Christmas, but I also love cleaning it all up and starting a new year and getting back to normal. Back to preschool and real life. . . oh and it's time to get on the waiting list for Savy's kindergarten next year! I can't believe she's that old.


Megan said...

Finally, a new post!
Love all the pictures of Tyler and kids. Ryder is so dang cute! He'll probably be over a year by the time I finally meet him, I hate that!
Everything sounds so fun, wish I could have been there!

The Scotts said...

Looks like a fun time and your table is gorgeous! I think I should start caring about that kind of thing. Abby also closes her eyes and tells me to turn of the flash, it drives me nuts!!

Heather said...

Fun Christmas and festivities! Aren't family gatherings the greatest? Especially with good food! :)

Rachel said...

I'm so excited to see pictures of your Christmas! It looks like you had a wonderful time. I need to send you some cute pictures I got of London playing basketball @ Cassi's game!

Kelly said...

So fun to see your Christmas pictures. I love seeing all the little nephews and your girls. So cute! Glad you had a fun holiday!

Amy said...

Yay, Mandi! You took lots of fun picctures, chica. Of course, you left the Scott's out of it all, though! Your table was gorgeous.

I'm always shocked to see pics of Jill's boys. They grow up so much in between when I see them in person. Crazy. I guess that means mine are growing too.

Mandy said...

I loved reading about your Christmas. It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. The pics are so cute!