Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Word of the Week: lachrymose

lachrymose : /adj./ given to shedding tears easily. weeping or inclined to weep. overemotional. teary. soppy.

lachrymose /adj./ 1. You can't get more lachrymose than when you're pregnant!

lachrymose /adj./ 2. I used to never be lachrymose when I was younger and my friends would always comment that I never cried during movies. I don't know if it's due to getting older or the hormonal changes of becoming a mom, but I can tear up at the silliest things now (and not just when I'm pregnant). And Amy - I tear up at songs all the time, although I often hide it because it's so dumb.

lachrymose /adj./ 3. I had a lachrymose moment (or should I say hour) on Sunday as I watched my little London on the front row in Primary as a Sunbeam. The president had all the Sunbeams raise their hands and then stand in front to be sung to. She stood up there through the whole song, proudly holding her hand up high. Then she sat the whole time, mesmerized with her arms folded on that front row and then when her class was dismissed, she walked by me and gave me this smug look-how-old-I-am look. Yes, I teared up a few times!


Susan said...

They grow up too fast. Bethany promised today that she would be our little girl forever and never grow up. If only that was possible.

Amy said...

I can totally picture London's proud face. She's so darling. I definitely think that lachrymosity (yes, I looked that up)comes hand in hand with motherhood...and the tears don't even have to come for something important. Jim & I were lounging & flipping channels tonight and those O.C. chopper guys were on. Well, Sr. & Pauly built a roof for Vinnie as a surprise when he was out of town. And I cried. Anything like that on t.v. kills me.

Heather said...

Ahhhh, don't worry I tear up at random things too. Like commercials and ... other stuff I can't think of right now.

April said...

I had no idea you were a word-of-the-weeker! I'm adding you to my blog list even though you've never commented.

I love your lachrymose moment at church on Sunday. Poinant! Those moments just take me absolutely by surprise.

The latest thing I cry about...those kleenex commercials where they sit and share with a total stranger. I totally get choked up everytime I see that...everyone has a story, you know?

April said...

Oh my gosh, I just scrolled down and saw you did "incandescent" as well. Why didn't I know about this? So happy you are word-of-the-weeking!

Megan said...

So exciting when they start sunbeams. And being pregnant definitely makes you emotional, and we still have a couple more months to go, I doubt it will get better.
Oh and I'm waiting for the belly shot, I showed you mine!

Kelly said...

Oh, those Kleenex commercials April posted about make my cry, too.

I've become more lachrymose as a mom, too. London's sunbeam story was too sweet.