Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Word of the Week: lugubrious

lugubrious /adj./ mournful, dismal, or gloomy, especially in an affected, exaggerated, or unrelieved manner. crestfallen. disconsolate. glum. woebegone.

lugubrious /adj./ 1. I just like the sound of this word although the sound of it makes me laugh rather than making me lugubrious.

lugubrious /adj./ 2. There was a lack of lugubrious toddlers when I had Savannah and Aidan yesterday afternoon until dinnertime. They had, of course, heard of the passing away of President Hinckley and decided to have a primary lesson about it with them as the teachers. I was in the other room and it was quite interesting, let me tell you.

I kept hearing (in matter-of-fact tones): "Now, President Hinckley died on the fourteenth of May. Can anyone tell me who the new prophet is? Yes, you're right, it's President Monson -- it can be confusin' " and this exchange would repeat over and over again.

Then they started getting bored with that and had to embellish his death a little so it became: "President Hinckley died on the fourteenth of May and was resurrected" then "President Hinckley died on the fourteenth of May and he died for us."

I was no longer amused and knew I had to go straighten a few things up as they were definitely a tad bit confused. After explaining in the most simplified way I could that President Hinckley would not be resurrected for a while and that nobody died for us but Jesus, I think they were ok and then went on to another game of forming a rock band. Kids. I thought the news might make them a little lugubrious, but apparently I was wrong. And I have no idea where the fourteenth of May came from.

lugubrious /adj./ 3. Savannah's constipation issues have just come back since I've been writing this post and she is beyond lugubrious about it. She's in there praying that she can go and while I'm glad that she has faith, I keep telling her she needs to drink and drink and drink before anything could happen. I hope this doesn't turn into a repeat of last week or I just might become lugubrious myself.


Mandy said...

It cracks me up that Aidan and Savannah had their own primary lesson.

I hope Savannah's issues go away soon. That must be frustrating for both of you.

Susan said...

The primary lesson is so cute. Bethany is always making up talks to give in primary.

Give Savannah half a cap full of Miralax in her favorite drink. It doesn't taste like anything so it shouldn't bother her. Colten had a similar problem and it had helped a lot. The doctor told us that it really doesn't matter how much you give because it is similar to sugar and doesn't go into the blood stream. Sorry this is so long, I just thought it would help take the lugubriousness out of your week. Good luck.

April said...

I like the sound of it rolling around in my mouth too...and it makes my husband laugh.

Love the primary lesson...one of my favorite thing about motherhood is eavesdropping.

Megan said...

I hope you don't have a repeat of last week with her. That was a nightmare, from what you told me, so good luck.

Rachel said...

I'm with Susan we've used Miralax on Evan too. It isn't really a laxative, but it helps things to soften and get moving, so there is no fear about Savannah becoming laxative dependent if this is a long term thing. You have to be careful that pooping doesn't become a traumatic thing for her because then you'll get a problem with witholding and you don't want to go there... trust me!

Rachel said...
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Amy said...

I'm a big time eavesdropper with the kids...they come up with the funniest scenario's. And sometimes I feel they border on blasphemous, but they are so innocent and sincere that it's somehow okay.