Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yesterday was Veteran's Day so my mom gave Amy and I the morning to run errands. I feel so spoiled lately because just two weekends ago she took the girls overnight and it was lovely. But yesterday couldn't have been timed better because I had a ton of little errands that definitely didn't qualify as kid-friendly. So Amy and I dropped our littles off for a movie/park day with Grandma Cyndee and we headed off.

Thank you mom!

This week I have numerous projects that I want to finish before Thanksgiving next week so I'll try to remember to take pictures and post them because I'm totally excited that I'll be officially finishing the girls' room! (and I will owe Amy big time because I've roped her into helping me with them.)

But for now. . . here's a little something. . .

I stole this picture from Amy's blog because I adore it and want them to always remember how much they loved eachother when they get older and the whole boy/girl issues come up. She took this picture at her in-laws house while I was in Iowa and she was watching my children for me. Thanks again!

Things I love about this picture:

I love D's little arm around Savy's neck.
I love Savy's hand on London's knee.
I love that they don't mind being squished together.
I love Aidan's protective arm around the back of the whole group.
I love that London's got both her arms around the back of Savy and A.
And I love that these cousins love eachother!


Kelly said...

Hooray for kid-less errand running! That is a very cute picture of the kids!

Amy said...

I love this...but I definitely have a soft spot for these four...especially on days like today when you spent the day watching all! They truly do love each other - with all the passion & fury love entails.

Sweet post.

Megan said...

Okay, I've tried to post a comment three times now, and it won't let me, so we'll see if this goes through.
Love the picture and the thoughts you wrote with them, too sweet.