Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Who Needs a Professional?

So I STILL haven't downloaded Thanksgiving pictures yet, but that's the plan tonight and then hopefully a very late Thanksgiving post tomorrow. I'm hoping I even have some pictures to post because by the time the actual day arrived, I was so worn out that I don't recall taking many pictures so we'll see what we come up with.

In the meantime, Amy called me this morning and asked if she could borrow Savy for a half and hour. Okay. She was practicing "professional" photos with her awesome camera and neither Aidan nor Davyn were cooperating by holding still. And she knows my Savannah well. So I loaded up the girls and headed over.

In the end, she was grateful that to get some things figured out on the camera and I was grateful to get some cute pictures! I think I'll nix professional photos and go to Amy to do the girls' pictures from now on - she gets better and better all the time. If I would have known I'd get such a good one of London (see the last picture), I would have dressed her differently!

Savannah was the requested model, but it was London, as you can see, who really got into the posing. Even when we were done, she'd strike a pose and ask Mimi to photograph it.
My little mini-Nate.

For anyone who doesn't know London, this picture about sums up her personality!

This is when she really got into the posing. She had the legs and arms all balanced and check out that concentration on the face!

My baby who isn't so little anymore.


Heather said...

Too cute! I wish I could take amazing pictures and I think it helps to have an amazing camera. Good job Amy!

Megan said...

Those pictures are fabulous. I'll have to have Amy do our family pictures, it's so expensive to get them done anymore, so thank goodness I now have a sister with a great camera and some skill!

Mandy said...

Your girls are insanely cute! I love that they pose so well.

Ryley had the same shoes as London, until she grew out of them. They were some of my favorites!

Susan said...

You're right, who needs a professional! These pictures are very cute.

The Scotts said...

Wow Amy!! These are adorable! I love it when I get good pictures of my kids. I'm still waiting for Jake to give me one!!