Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Tyler!

I can't believe you are 32 today! I hope you have a great day! Going through my pictures, I didn't have that many of you and I, but the ones I found brought back some great memories. Here are just a few:

Well, this is just a picture of us together -- aren't we cute? You were always the perfect older brother! (I think I can see a little Wesley in that smile).

Since it was so recently Halloween and Megan had a picture of you and she on her blog from this particular Halloween, I thought I'd post the one I found of all of us -- it's rare to find a picture with all 5 of us siblings together.

This was in our house on Loma Vista Circle and we were jamming out to Queen. I always remember how we used to just listen to and talk about music all the time. You are always finding stuff that I love and making great mixes.

I hope Andersyn knows how spoiled she was when she was the only grandchild and had all of us crazy Aunts/Uncle to entertain her and do crazy stuff like this with her! I'm sure it was your idea. . . This, by the way, is the weekend of your homecoming from your mission and I think we were just all so happy to be together!

As I was going through my scrapbooks, I found a whole bunch of letters you wrote me on your mission and they made me remember what a great and interesting writer you were. You wrote amazing poetry and stories. But I also found some letters that reminded me of what a good brother you have always been to me. There were many that were aimed at helping me through my first semester at BYU (which was VERY difficult for numerous reasons) loaded with advice, caring words and spiritual advice only a missionary and loving older brother could give. I had forgotten how much I relied on you during those times of trial with roomie problems. Thank you.

This is you trying out your new mountain bike right after you got home from your mission. More than anything, though, this picture reminds me of the time we all went mountain biking with the youth in Breckenridge. Do you remember that? I'm sure you'll never forget, nor will I. Thank you for rescuing me!

Now we've all grown up and have children of our own. When we're together, our memories form around our children. Speaking of children, you are a great father who is always very good with kids. You even try to take others' kids, as seen in this picture below. What cracks me up is that my girls just are not sure of your wild and crazy demeanor (or maybe it's the hair) and they are petrified of Uncle Tyler. So this picture is classic because you can tell London is not sure about Uncle Tyler holding her and is just barely keeping it together. I'm sure as they get older, they'll realize that you're great at rough-housing and wrestling and they'll jump right in and love Uncle Tyler.

Good memories. I'm glad it was your birthday so I could go back and walk through memory lane. You always have been a fabulous brother and I hope you have a great day!

p.s. if anyone wants more pictures or to hear more about T, go to Meg's blog - she did a fabulous post about him.


Megan said...

So fun to read. Do you know what would be so so amusing? Is if Tyler had his own blog, how entertaining would that be? It's been so fun to read what you've written, great post.
That mountain bike picture just reminds me of his first day off his mission and how he almost died from the altitude when he went on his first bike ride. I spent all day making fun of him.

Amy said...

HA! I'm dying at the idea of Tyler with a blog. Seriously, I'd love that.

So many fun pictures. The London one is priceless!

Kelly said...

I have memories of dancing to "Twistin' in the Wind" by They Might Be Giants with Amy and Tyler. So fun! Happy Birthday!