Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Only Make 'Em One Way Around Here

The girl way!

Yes, we are having another girl despite the fact that everyone who knows us swore they felt like it was a boy. I know Nate wanted a boy (what man doesn't?), but he is excited nonetheless. I am actually quite relieved because I already have cute girl clothes AND I'm rather terrified of boy diaper changing - I don't like the thought of being peed on! I guess I'm just a girl-mom.

I just love this view of the two halves of the brain and the eyes looking up.

My favorite part of the ultrasound was right here where we saw her opening and closing her mouth to swallow. The picture looks freaky, but it was way cool to see it on tv in motion. Just a little person in there doing her thing!

Gotta love the cute little baby feet.

And here is baby girl #3!

All limbs were accounted for and she looks good. Her measurements put my due date right on schedule on March 29. Apparently my placenta is a little low, but the doctor thinks that as my uterus grows, it will pull the placenta up with it so it shouldn't be a big deal. I'm grateful that everything looks good and healthy.

I really have to start racking my brain for names because I have none! A boy would have been much easier to name. Seeing this picture makes me realize how stinkin squished she is in there and realize that it's no wonder I feel her kicking me all the time! So I'm very excited and, as you can see, they gave me TONS of pictures as well as a disc with about 20 pictures and two videos from the ultrasound. One of them is the swallowing moment so I'll see if I can't get it onto my blog, but I'm not too technically savvy so we'll see about that.

So it's a girl and now I can plan a nursery after the holidays. Amy and I have already decided to make new bedding even if it's a girl so I'm excited because I just sewed my first curtains yesterday and I'm ready for bedding. . . maybe. . . then again maybe Amy can sew those. . .

And as soon as I get my curtains up, I'll post them because I'm so excited to get the girls' room finally finished.


Rachel said...

Congratulations! I'll quote what my Aunt Carol said when I was born (I was a third girl too), "It would be such a shame to break up a set!" And I hate to be biased but I think the third girl is always the BEST!

Amy said...

I always thought it was the SECOND girl, Rachel! I'm excited Mandi, and we are going to find some dang cute (non-pink & green!) girl fabric. Yay!

Kelly said...

Oh, hooray! I know I'm completely biased, but a little gaggle of girls is just about perfect in my book. There's also lots of cute stuff out there for 3 sisters. Can't wait to see what fabric you choose!

Megan said...

Talin looked at the last picture and proclaimed that your baby looks like a seahorse. Okay?
Not too surprising it's a girl, I never felt the boy vibe, but was hoping!
And I'm so jealous of your crafty blanket making! Makes me wish I lived by you guys cause I could never make one on my own. Definitely put yp pics though.

JoDee said...

Congratulations, I could not have imagined anything else but a girl! Tell Nate that maybe the 4th like us will create a boy, or maybe not like Tyler and Gina. Our family is crazy how we can only reproduce a certain sex!

Heather said...

Congrats! I know a girl is of course going to be super cute and you will find the perfect name to go with your new cute nursery, can't wait to see what you come up with!