Monday, November 5, 2007


The Justice League

I thought I'd start out with the official Justice League photo even though there was the longest day of my life before this moment came with all it's trick-or-treating glory. I think it's taken me a week to even recover from Halloween - honestly.

Monday our neighborhood had a great Halloween party at the elementary school. Tuesday was the preschool party and then Wed was packed full of adventure - no wonder I was worn out!

I also have to thank Amy - or probably more correct would be to thank Aidan for getting my girls out of the princess-cycle. Anyone who knows Savy must be shocked to see her out of princess garb, but I think she made an awesome Wonder Woman! The girls have definitely been brainwashed by their super-hero-loving cousins (and aunt), but I don't mind in the least.

Stop #1 : Heritage Academy

Grandma Cyndee's the middle witch.

The morning started bright and early at Heritage Academy where Grandma Cyndee teaches British Lit and happened to be introducing Macbeth with the 3-witches scene. My girls have memorized certain phrases from her part that she's recited to them and I often hear them say things like "baboon's blood" or "finney snake." Thanks to her, they also have become obsessed with William Shakespeare and his "stories" as Savy calls them. I am constantly asked to tell her his stories. I think their favorites are A Midsummer's Night and Taming of the Shrew.

London and Davyn looked so cute in the high school classroom. The older two children suddenly became paralyzed with fear (or at least Savy did) of the big kids. Funny how you never know how they'll react to things. . .

Stop #2: Grandma and Grandpa Jones' house

We stopped by my grandparents' house to show off the costumes and, as usual, Davyn took over Grandma's lap. He is so dang cute with her!

Crankiness started setting in and so we headed home for some rest before the afternoon/evening festivities began.

Stop #3: Vertuccio Farms with daddy

One of Nate's clients owns numerous farms around the Valley so we thought it'd be fun to visit one that had the usual Halloween/fall festival stuff. So after a quick hour at home to rest, we were off to pick up daddy and head to the farm.

The girls were overly excited that Nate got them their own can of Sprite. I really love the way they are such good sisters and hardly ever fight. It's definitely a blessing.

Savannah wanted her picture taken all alone next to the huge pumpkin.

The adult maze was huge and wore both Nate and I out as the weather is still too warm for this time of year . . . will it ever cool off????? The girls loved it though and kept yelling at their "horsey" to go faster. I swear he was running through the maze because I was having the hardest time keeping up with them.

This maze was more their style and they did quite well going through it alone. Well, Savy did at least -- London cheated and got out faster.

The train ride which thrilled the girls.

Stop #4: Jill and Marc's house

After the farm, we went by Nate's sister's house to eat and see costumes. Unfortunately we barely missed his parents, but we had to get back home for the Justice League trick-or-treating.

Yes, it had been a long day and we hadn't even gone out for the evening yet!

Halloween Night finally arrived!

Ready to go trick-or-treating!

The love of my life.

Post trick-or-treating. I love the way London looks so dang pleased with herself! I was surprised how well they all fared. We had to hold the reigns on Aidan who wanted to run from house to house as fast as possible - playing the part of Flash to a T. But little Batman had a hard time keeping up so we had to compromise.

Part-way through I asked London if her legs were tired and she replied:

"No, my feets love trick-or-treating. "


Amy said...

I love, love, love this. Man, you did have a busy day. My day comprised only half of what yours did and it entirely wore me out.

Megan said...

Sounds crazy and exhausting. The girls look so cute in their costumes, I'm glad you finally got around to posting, it was fun to read.

elizabeth said...

I love that your girls were superheros. I would much rather have superhero daughters than princesses any day!