Thursday, November 29, 2007


My oldest sister, JoDee, came down from Cedar City, Utah, for the holiday. Nate's brother and his family also came into town which was fun because we hadn't seen them for about 3 years.

These pictures are from last Tuesday, when everyone arrived. JoDee came out to my house as our little pilgrim and Indian came home from their Thanksgiving feast of pizza at preschool. Yes, pizza. Earlier that morning, Savannah told Nate that they were going to have pizza and pretend it was turkey at the feast. I guess kids do have good imaginations. . .

Aren't they cute?

The cutest little devil ever: Crew Adair. He's into everything, but then he flashes you a killer-melt-your-heart smile and you can't control yourself from grabbing him and smothering him with hugs and kisses. It would be hard to discipline this kid!

For some reason he kept wanting his picture with me and then he'd run back to Amy and look at the picture then run back to me for more. I just enjoyed the hugs and kisses so I went with it.

As expected, the kids started getting restless and so we had a little talent show that went on for a while until the gymnastics turned into karate moves and then wildness ensued.

I'm not sure if five-month pregnant ladies should do superman, but in my defense, I only did the littlest littles and made Madee do the older ones.

After the wildness of Aidan and Crew chasing and play-fighting and the superman adventures, we decided to get out of the house for some fresh air. My sisters and I have no qualms about going out in public with our (what seems to be) masses of children. We are used to people looking at us like we're crazy -- and maybe we are a little bit, but it's better than being at home doing nothing. So we headed over to a new outdoor mall to check it out.

The Divas.
Savy, Baylee, Madalyn, and London.

They had a very cool and colorful play area where I got a few good pictures of the cousins doing what they do best: playing, posing, being silly and loving being together.

Crew and Davyn.

Davyn, Savy, Baylee and Aidan taking a rest from playing.

I don't know what's happened, but London is totally into posing for pictures lately as you could tell from my last post. I figure I'll take what I can get because you never know when that will change. And yes, it was the end of November and she's wearing that sun-dress. It was still warm, but it did finally cool off a little by Thanksgiving weekend.

We stopped and got the all kids ice creams. This picture was taken as JoDee, Amy and I were cracking up at Baylee. She can be the wildest and craziest girl ever and we just thought it was hilarious the difference between her wild stuffing the whole thing in her mouth with the crazy eyes and Savy's perfect postured lady-like licking. They couldn't be more different, but they get along really well.


After the mall, we headed over to Nate's parents' house because Megan and Travis had flown in that afternoon and it was Pat's birthday. It was fun to see their cute family and meet their newest addition (who will be two in January so he's not so new), Jack, for the first time. Emma and Ethan have grown a ton and are cute as ever. The cousins were very excited to see eachother and play together. We even got to steal Emma and have a sleepover that night, but I'll do my next post about those cousins because we had a great Thanksgiving with them.


Mandy said...

How fun to have so many of the cousins together.

I think it's funny that you were doing the superman with the littles.

Amy said...

I love all the pictures. I'm laughing because I didn't even think about the fact that you're 5 months pregnant when you were on your back lifting those guys into the air. Not good!

That IS a cute shot of D & Crew together. I'll have to steal it.

Megan said...

How on earth did you lie on your back and do superman with them? I would have killed myself, and right now I can't even imagine doing anything close to that!
And I'm envious of all the short sleeves and shorts everyone was wearing. It's freezing here!

michelle said...

It looks like it was a fun time with family in town! You always seem to ber making so many fun memories! :)

The Scotts said...

Ya What are you doing doing Superman!?!? That looks like a fun playground. All you Hendrix girls have adorable kids!!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

I have to say, being from Minnesota, it was really strange to see your kids and their cousins walking outside w/ shorts and no jackets! What is that all about? My kids had winter jackets, hats and mittens on and no one played outside! The windchill was about 10 degrees outside! Brrrr...Love the fancy dinner. If Jeremy and I ever come out to Arizona we are inviting ourselves over and I expect tealights in pumpkins! ;)

Love you temptress!