Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Exercise and Wal-mart


I have issues.

In our old house, I was in a routine of going to the gym everyday. I knew people. I was committed. I was starting to see results.

Then we moved.

Although I LOVE my new home and I LOVE living two streets from Amy, I DO NOT LOVE the fact that there are no gyms nearby. Not willing to drive 20+ minutes to workout, I decided to go back to at-home dvds.

Some days it works and some days it doesn't. Some days Savannah cries and whines and drives me batty and some days she jumps right in and works out with me. I never know what the day will bring.

Example: Today I had to stop a minute because London desperately needed some quick kisses -- how can I say no to kisses?
Then Savy, London and I were finishing up a boot camp dvd, I looked down at my daughters and it brought back fond memories of a Jane Fonda tape I used to do with my mom. The details are hazy, but I can still remember . . . purple striped leg warmers. . .pulling carrots (one of the moves). . . I loved exercising with mom -- maybe she instilled this love of exercise in me because I can honestly say that I LOVE it!


Something disturbing happened at Wal-mart today.

Very disturbing.

I should preface this story with the fact that Nate HATES Wal-mart. He hates the ickiness and the crowds of weird people. Today I have to give it to Nate that despite my best efforts at looking at EVERYONE as though they are a child of God, it sometimes fails me. Especially when they pick up my child. . .

So we had a lovely shopping expedition -- yes, the girls were fabulously well-behaved for which I am VERY grateful. On our way out the door the cute old man gave them a sticker and a hi-five.

The girls were thrilled.

The other greeter was a little Indian man who did not want to be left out of the fun. All of a sudden, I notice he's picked London up and tried (unsuccessfully) to put her on his shoulders!?!?

Okay, you DO NOT just pick up someones child and put them on your shoulders!!!!!

Before I could react, he either realized it was wrong to pick up someone's child or realized he was not strong enough to do so. Either way, he put her down and she quickly moved to my side, confused at having been hauled up in the air by a complete stranger.

It was very awkward.



Mandy said...

that would have really creeped me out! I'm not sure how I would have handled that.

SHERI said...

Yes, that is a little creepy. I have the same feelings about Wal-Mart as your huband does -yet I still continue to shop there. Why?

Amy said...

Ew. Seriously odd. And I'm partially open to odd. That's why I'm a Safeway woman. Damn the prices. Praise the sanity.

You are definitely the workout queen and I'm very sorry that moving to the QC has made that kingdom crumble. I need to get in gear myself, but truly have zero desire.

michelle said...

I am not to sure what I would have done in that situation! I really do think it is very odd! I have to admit I haven't been to Walmart in forever. There is just something about the place that gives me the heebie geebies. I am a Target Fan! YEA! For you for enjoying working out. I wish I had that kind of motivation! Hopefully a gym will open up soon out there.