Saturday, May 26, 2007


Today is our sixth wedding anniversary and we have been through so much together that I cannot even say how much I love my Nathan. Ups and downs have come into our lives in a variety of forms, but we always stick together and battle the storms hand in hand. Trials have made us stronger to the point that I know we can and will withstand anything else that comes our way.

I love you, Nathan!
And I appreciate all the hard work you do for our family.

and all that we've been through together:

Nate and I met at the 70th Ward. I was fresh off the mission and visiting to support my sister, Amy, who was giving a lesson. Brave and full of missionary confidence, I sat next to him and we struck up a conversation about our beloved Chile (both served missions there). He claims that when I walked into the classroom, music started playing (Dream weaver) and the wind rushed my hair and skirt as stars twirled around. . . a bit dramatic, but I love his sense of humor!

That day I went home hoping that he would call me.

He went home and told his mom that he met the girl he was going to marry. I didn't know it then, but luckily he did. I did not return to 70th Ward for a month and the next time I did, he asked me out and we had a our first date.

First date: My first since my mission and I recall my whole family waiting in the living room - and waiting, and waiting. Nate finally arrived (I gave you wrong directions, sorry, it was a new house for me). Plans for the date changed with circumstances and we ended up at Chili's where we talked non-stop the whole time and then saw "Meet the Parents."

Then I left for a month on a trip to Washington DC with Amy and then to Utah to visit JoDee and Shane.
2nd date: Megan's wedding reception at the Phx Zoo. Amy prodded me into inviting him over the phone and I was surprised and genuinely happy he actually came since we had only been on one date and not seen each other for a month since that date.
Christmas 2000. I put this picture in to remind us of our first Christmas together (not married yet). The sweater he got me, the travel book with romantic sticky notes about how we would visit all the "legendary places", the watch, and the New Year's Resolution.

The infamous New Year's Resolution.

Nate, you didn't think I'd forget that, did you? My family will remember that Nate had this great idea to make a time capsule and each of us write our resolutions for that year and seal it up in the capsule. My dad was supposed to bury it for us to look at the next year. Well, he cheated and read Nate's resolutions.

Back at BYU, I hear about how Nate had some lofty goals . . . to make me come home from BYU. . . to marry me. . . and to get busy . . . 2001 times!!! Do you think my family could read that and not tease him about it? Yeah, right. They ate it up.
Lonely Valentines Day apart. You in Arizona and me at BYU.
I remember walking in the door after a long day at school and seeing the beautiful roses and never once thinking they were mine, asking my roomie "who got those?"
To my delight and surprise, they were for me! Thanks!
I love this picture because I can tell EXACTLY
what you are thinking. . . 2001. . . 2001 . . .

HONEYMOON! I spared all you onlookers with a smaller version of this picture. Funny, though, there really aren't many honeymoon pictures . . .wonder why. . .Sedona was beautiful, but we were too busy enjoying each other's company as well as the whole "we don't have to say goodnight and part anymore" thing!


Becoming parents. Perhaps one of the first times I saw you cry. It was an amazing experience to have together and Savannah was and still is PERFECT.

Meeting London. The quickest and most peaceful birth ever.
Having babies, blessing babies, every day life...

I would not want to live my life without you. Like I always tell the girls:

if daddy's Hercules, then I'm Meg

if you are Eric, then I'm Ariel

if you are Philip, then I'm Aurora

if you are Mr. Darcy, then I'm Elizabeth

if you are Nathan, then I am Mandi

I LOVE you!


Susan said...

Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for sharing all these moments. They were very sweet.

Kelly said...

Hey, we have the same anniversary! I didn't know that! Happy Anniversary to you guys. I loved the pictures and the walk down memory lane!

Mandy said...

Happy Anniversary! That was wonderful to read about! Hope you have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I remember all this! It has been fun to watch the growth of an eternal family. I love the semi-poem at the end. Perfect for your girls to grow up with. I love you both and am there to support you in your good or bad times. I look forward to "the rest of the story".

Anonymous said...

PS. That last blogger was me, Cyndee, and I don't wish to be anonymous!

Anonymous said...

I like to drown little furry puppies in gunny sacks.

michelle said...

What a wonderful post! It sounds like you have such a wonderful husband. What darling pictures you posted. Happy Anniversary!

Amy said...

"I like to drown little furry puppies"?? who the heck wrote that? Anyhow, I LOVED this. A true walk down memory lane for me as well!

Susan said...

Adam did. He didn't want me to day anything until someone said something. He is discovery the joy of commenting anonymously. Silly guy!!