Friday, May 11, 2007

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are over. I am impressed with how much children can learn and achieve in six days of a one hour lesson, shared by six kids. I love our swim teacher, who happens to be my cousin, Chris's wife, Emily. So the kids learn how to swim AND get to see cousins they hardly ever see. Fun all around.

One of the first days -- before they knew what they were in for!

And then the worrying set in. . . check out Savy's face.
I seriously think she was contemplating her next turn.

Amberlee, London, Savy, and Aidan

Here's Aidan contemplating his next turn. The water was still a
bit chilly so the kids would wrap up in towels after every turn the first week.

London and Emily "negotiating"

It was funny because all the kids (that could talk) would start
their turn with Emily negotiating: "Two times and then I'm done."

but then things changed the second week -- a lot of things...

kids were happy and swimming on their own, Aidan was doing skater jumps off the side of the pool and constantly asking when it was his turn because he "loved" swim lessons, Savy was racing Amberlee, and even Davyn started kicking his legs and getting to the side!

Yes, it's survival swimming and Emily just drops them in the pool and it's up to them to get themselves to the side and then catwalk to a step and get out themselves.

Sometimes, as the mother, it's not the easiest thing to watch, but you know it's for their good, so you sit back and let them fend for themselves. Here's London getting to the side by herself.

Savannah's favorite: the back float.
Four seconds is her longest hold so far.

My little mermaid! It must be her Waller
genes that make her a good swimmer.

Camryn was so sweet! Her she is looking
after London - what a good cousin!

Here are Emily's two darling little girls - Camryn and Amberlee.
They are so cute and well -mannered.

Well, the first two days were a little hard, but after that both Savy and London were off and swimming. Savannah is a swimmer. She puts her head down and angles her body and becomes a torpedo. London gets to the side every time, but bobs her head up constantly to check out her location so we're working on keeping her head in the water and getting to the side much faster.

I am 100% impressed with my babies and I'll feel much safer around swimming pools now that I know my girlies can "get to the side" by themselves.


Amberly said...

I have been reading Amy's blog about this issue and am struggling with how much to push my little guy. Thanks for the notes- it's so important that they know how to swim, and even better that they enjoy it!

Megan said...

I wish my kids could do lessons as well. How fun. I guess Talin and Collin will wear their floaties this summer when we visit.

Mandy said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Amy said...

I'm kind of sad we don't have swim this week. What day do you want to hit Cyn's pool?!

sista # 2 said...

Love all the pix!Yay for swimming-Janae

Lillian said...

Cute kids in the pool. I love warm weather. It looks like they were having a blast. Now they are all ready to go for a summer of visits to the pool, right!
To answer your question on my website - we live in Connecticut. It is so beautiful out here, I love it!!