Sunday, May 20, 2007

Favorite Things Party

"Brown papered packages
tied up with string,
these are a few
of my
favorite things...."
This was the theme of a brunch at Janae's house this morning (Sista #2)(actually now it has become yesterday - Saturday). We each brought six of our favorite things and then exchanged. Price limit of $5 or less forced creativity. For me, though, it was easy. I knew immediately what everyone in the world needs that's under $5.

Favorite things opened:
Me: sleep mask & Hershey's chocolates
with almonds & toffee (I always have these
in my pantry). Can't sleep and get my REM
without the mask - it's a lifesaver!!!
Had to share the secret.
Sherri: Burt's Bees Strawberry lip gloss.
Michelle: Picture of 3 dresses. She knows the artist
and has a large print of it in her home. Beautiful.

Amy: Scrub brush that holds dish soap.
This is the best one
that you get at
Cost Plus World Market.
(everyone's favorite store)
Janae: Make-up bag and Wet N Wild lip liner in 666 color.
Her story of a mad search around Mesa for

666 lip liner was hilarious. But it is a fabulous
color that she and her sistas have been wearing
for years. Guess that secret is out too.

Modeling the Favorite Things...

Amy testing the chocolate and nobody could resist the sleep mask!
(Michelle, Janae, Sherri, and Amy)

Amy trying Sherri's lip gloss

Janae with Michelle's "3 dresses" picture

Michelle doing dishes with
the new brush from Amy

and finally, me, trying out
WetNWild 666 lipliner

So, thank you, Janae, for the great get-together.
Food, fun and friends -- it was great.
Oh, and I absolutely LOVED your new home!
It's beautiful (thanks for the tour).


Mandi said...

Sista #2 - my comments went away just like yours and I figured out how to get them back. Take your post back to the editing box and then below it says posting options and mine had somehow taken comments off so I just turned them on again. I just noticed that yours are still off. Good luck!

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