Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Conversations. . .


Getting ready for church today, little London comes into my room and very seriously poses the question:

"Mom, am I boo-tiful?"

Why are my girls so concerned about this and should I be worried about it? Savannah has been asking the same thing a lot lately and I've started telling her that it's not her clothes or hair, but how she acts that makes her beautiful. I'm hoping to brainwash her into being the nice little person I want my child to be who is kind and loving to everyone -- is that bad?

It's just that she's one who could change clothes and look in the mirror all day long if she could! And I'm totally not kidding (Amy would vouch for me).

London is another personality completely and so is dealt with differently.

"You are gorgeous, London" was my reply.

"Thanks mom, you're boo-tiful too."


As I'm filling out a tithing slip, the girls are crowded around me like usual and it's so tight that I can hardly write. What is it with children and mom's personal space???? I guess I won't get any until they're teenagers and don't like me anymore (which I hope NEVER happens, but right now it sometimes sounds nice). I accidentally mark Savy's arm and apologize to which she replies:

"It's okay, mom, dings happen"

Yes, Savannah, things do happen, don't they?


Nate and I ask the girlies what they learned about in church today.

London - ears.

Savy - well, she launches into a story about a man with no hands who had to eat and brush his teeth with his feet. Then she got creative and kept coming up with new scenarios for him to use his feet. She was fascinated by the whole concept. I am still wondering what the gospel principal was behind the lesson. Whatever it was, she was long gone into the world of handless people before her teacher got it through to her!

Tired of her handless-man scenarios (only to be taken up once we got home again), Savannah, in a very adult tone of voice asks:

"So, mom, what did you learn in church?"

satisfied with my answer, her attention turns to dad -

"So, dad, what did you learn today in church?"


Savannah: "So how was your day, daddy?"

Mind you, it's Sunday so we have been together as a family ALL day long and had basically the SAME day. Kids are hilarious. This girl loves her daddy. Every prayer includes the phrase "please bless that daddy will get home safely" no matter if he is right there next to her and it's the bedtime prayer or if he is at work. She is definitely daddy's little girl.


Susan said...

That is cute. Bethany gets after be when I forget to bless Uncle Chris. He is in the military. Aren't little kids so silly sometimes.

Amy said...

Holy cow! I hopped in the car after church and was ALSO immediately assaulted with stories about handless man doing everything with his feet! I asked: Why did you learn that? Aidan replied "so we can know hands are important." They are too cute. I love that you wrote all of those things down. I LOVE your (my!) girlies.

michelle said...

Your girls sound darling! There is nothing more sweeter than hearing them describe what they learned in it! I had so much fun meeting you Sat. You, and Amy are the greatest!

Kelly said...

These were adorable little conversations! I was laughing about your handless man conversation. Sometimes object lessons become way more object than lesson. Too funny!

sista # 2 said...

I am laughing so hard at this cuteness!! Seriously. You describe it so well :)
When Chloe was little, as moms do, I wanted to tell her she was SO cute every second of the day!! (or is that just me?not all moms.haha)
Anyway... I restrained a bit. But when I did, I said it like this -You are so Smart and cute! I felt like I wanted to squeeze the 'smart' in first and always.

I love your daughter's attentiveness to her family -I want my kids to ask ME what I learned too! -ciao
(p.s. how's the lip liner)