Thursday, May 17, 2007

Home Improvement

I've been so busy that I haven't really had time to check or write on my blog lately. Last Friday Cyndee wanted to take Savannah to a dance recital followed by a sleepover. I love that! Savannah was thrilled to spend one-on-one time with her Grandma. All day Friday when Amy and I were hanging out with my mom, Savannah willed us away at every chance "mom, when are you and Mimi and the other kids leaving?" When I met Cyndee at Target to pick Savy up on Saturday, she said Sav would make a perfect only child. Too late.

With Savannah gone, Nate and I had alone time with London which was fun. We could tell she wasn't herself -- I honestly don't know if she knows how to be "herself" without her sister -- they are very close and have hardly ever been apart. So this was good for them. We let London sleep with us in our bed and the first words out of her mouth in the morning were: "mom, I miss Nana, can we go get her?"

Friday night we searched a couple stores until we found our inspiration for our downstairs bathroom. My little sister, Megan, is coming from Iowa in a few weeks with her family to visit and so Nate & I decided to do a little home improvement before they come (you need a little motivation sometimes). Shower curtain, garbage can, towel rack, rug, and paint bought and we were ready to roll.

Saturday was full of work. Nate mowed our lawn. Oh, we bought our first lawn mower Friday also. The lawn was so tall that London would get lost in it! I should have taken a picture. My backyard looks very different and so much better now. We got the bathroom painted and put together. Lovely. I love taking one room at a time and putting it together. I am happy owning my first home (can you tell?).

Then Tuesday, Amy and I painted my loft. Amy -- thank you, thank you, thank you -- except for when you painted me, I'm not grateful for that! But you were cheap labor, so I'll not complain too much. Big project, but the results were definitely worth it! Now I have another room to work on decorating.... I amazes me how much a coat of paint can do. I love it! I do, however, think I got painting out of my system for a while (for my house at least) so the other rooms will have to wait.

Next project: Painting Amy's pantry and hanging pics in the loft.


Amy said...

Yay! I'm thrilled to be your next project. I'm actually working myself up for pantry painting on Monday. Your house is looking great. I LOVE the bathroom and can't wait to see the finished loft!

Anonymous said...

Seems like you have your hands full with the whole decorating thing. Are you designing everything by yourself or are you getting ideas from a different source? I know how stressful it can get when you're trying to decorate. For people that I personally know, I tell them that they can get their ideas from "Bought & Sold" that is on HGTV every Sunday at 10pm. Have you heard of or seen that show? You can get great ideas from that show because of the houses that are shown. Check out,panel=videos for more information!

Megan said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I would be much more enthusiastic about all my painting if I had a sister to do it with me!!
You need to post some pics!

The Scotts said...

I seriously want to see your house. It sounds like you've done a lot and I'm sure it's cute! I love when people come into town and it puts pressure on me to finish things!!

michelle said...

I linked to your blog thru Amy's. It sounds like your doing some fun decorating at your house! I am getting ready to paint my daughters room. So fun to do home improvements!

Kelly said...

I want to see pictures! This sounds so fun to do this with Amy! And I never would have thought of painting the pantry, but I love that idea. Yours looked so cute on Amy's blog.