Monday, May 7, 2007

Super Savannah to the Rescue!

Yes, Savannah rescued her mom today!

I had just put the girlies down for naps and needed to take out some garbage and since the garbage man hadn't come yet (must have slept in), I had to go to the street. Rather than go through the garage (the girls sleep above it), I went out the front door as I was chatting on the phone with Amy about preschools. To my horror, when I came back, I realized the front door knob was locked!!!!! I was locked out!!! I rang the doorbell, banged the door and yelled through the cracks at Savannah. She's outgrowing naps so she usually comes out after London falls asleep. Nothing. So I went to the backyard - sliding door - locked. Back to the front.

Just when I was about to give up -- it must have been 15-20 minutes of constant ringing the doorbell, banging, and yelling -- I hear Savy's voice. I yell through the door crack for her to come and unlock the door. She comes and -- oops -- locks the deadbolt. Then she can't unlock it. Finally, I realize she can do the sliding door so I tell her to open that and I run around the back. Inside at last! Very traumatic, and very stupid. I can guarantee I learned my lesson on that one.

I'm sure everyone has similar experiences, it's just that not everyone chooses to share them with the whole world! (or maybe I'm just saying that to make myself feel better)


Amy said...

I think the best part was actually that she didn't want to come open the door because she thought she would get in trouble for not napping. Too funny. Sorry for distracting you on the phone, Mandi!

Susan said...

I did that just the other day. Thank goodness our dead bolt isn't hard to undo so Bethany was able to help a little faster.

Megan said...

I've done that more than once. Both pretty funny. When we moved here I had a really bad day, so bad that Tom was worried I'd get in the car and drive back to AZ. Anyway, I went on our back porch, we're on the third floor, shut the door and it locked. The boys were sound asleep. I didn't want to yell cause I have a ton of neighbors and that's just embarrassing, so I sat down against the sliding glass door and cried. About forty minutes later Collin woke up and opened the door, I didn't see him so I fell backwards into the house. Funny now, but not then.
And another time I locked myself on our back porch in Flagstaff. Collin was a newborn, on oxygen, and Talin was a toddler. It was very stressful. And after just having a baby I managed to jump a five foot fence to go around to the front door. I know, I'm pathetic, and I totally didn't mean to write so much!

Mandy said...

Hi Mandi! I visit your sisters' blogs and thought I would say "hello." Just to give you background, I'm Kelly's sister in law.

Being locked out is one of my biggest fears. I am constantly checking the locks before I leave. I think it's because my husband locks himself out often so I am always on the look out!