Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Mimi!

Feliz Cumpleanos Amy!

Today is Amy's birthday! She is not only my older sister, but the person that I do almost everything with and talk to about three times a day on average. I thought I would write 33 things I love about Amy for her birthday entry. Here's to you Mimi!


1. being neighbors
2. being in the same ward - so I can take Davyn to RS with me and have him just sleep in my arms -- so sweet!
3. the way you write and your way with words (just check out her blog if you don't know what I am talking about!).
4. that you have learned Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese!!!
5. the way you love my girls as if they were your own children
6. the way you can get annoyed with my girls as if they were your own children
7. that you filmed London's birth (from behind me)
8. that you stayed up at the hospital almost all night for Savy to be born even though you were dead tired (and pregnant)
9. that you are always willing and ready to serve
10. that you are always making dinner for someone or having someone over for dinner.
11. that you helped me paint my loft... whole downstairs
12. that you make AMAZING cakes
Aidan's birthday cake last summer
13. that you are such a good mom
14. that you sacrificed your husband on a more than one night to let him help Nate when we were moving into our home
15. that you are always up for going to the mall and letting our children run around like maniacs at the play place and then to hit Chick-fil-a
16. that you always have some idea for a craft or a treat or something cute to give to our visiting teachees or for us to decorate our homes with
Our Easter centerpiece that took us forever to make
last year, but were so dang cute!
17. that you are so dang intelligent
18. that you have the CUTEST hair ever - it always looks good even if you haven't fixed it. Is that your hair or Tasha's cut? Either way, it's darling and you have great highlights in your hair -- hot momma!
19. that you are a great cook and are always trying new recipes - I love your dinners!
20. that you took lots of pics at London's birth and then made me a Shutterfly album to share with friends and family
London and her favorite aunt
21. that you are my daughters' favorite aunt (since they see you the most!)
22. that you let me join your book club and are always letting me borrow your books.
Our latest book club pick - teenage vampire love story written by a Mormon...
Verdict on the book: "the best worst written book ever"
The second novel becomes better and the third will be out in August
23. that you help encourage me to do my homework
24. that I know I could ask anything of you and you would do it without hesitation if it meant helping me
25. that you did not get mad at me when we both got kicked out of Megan's delivery of Talin due to my fainting spell. Sorry, I should have eaten lunch that day.
26. that you are my number one supporter (after Nate, of course) when I decide to do something
27. that you encourage me to be more decisive and independent
28. that you were an example to me in school (getting good grades) and attending BYU -- I enjoyed following in your footsteps
29. that you were always nice to me when we were younger and played with us younger ones -- Tyler, Megan and I will never forget the great Barbie escapades that occurred in your bedroom! Red, Blue, Simon le Bon (is that how you spell his name?) . . . great times.
30. that you served a mission and never gave up even though you ended up sick and actually serving in what, 3 different missions (Taiwan, California & AZ)
31. that you actually rode a bike (wearing dresses) in Taiwan!!!!! wow!!!
32. that you are so talented . . . honestly - how many people can do this???

33. that you are my sister
I love you and Happy Birthday!
(and might I add that it was VERY difficult to find pictures of you! This is the only one I could find of us two together - maybe if I could have found pics from when we were younger, but those must still be packed away somewhere.)


sista # 2 said...

Hooray for Amy!! Such a sweet post!
Happy Birthday chickie! I love that Amy is so welcoming, friendly, funny, easy going,interesting, has a cool blog & great sistas!
Oh ya -& that she's ONLY 3 years younger than me ;)
You picked great pix too!Janae

Kelly said...

I'm doing the same thing on my blog today! Pictures are hard to come by, and I'm having trouble uploading today which is why it's taking me forever to get my post up. I loved your 33 about Amy!

michelle said...

What a wonderful post! You two gals are both amazing! It sounds like you have so much fun living by each other!

Amy said...

Thank you, Mandi! You made me cry. I LOVE living by you and don't know how I'll live if you ever leave!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Amy. Mandi . . . thanks. Oh, you can't find pictures of Amy because she never allows them to be taken. I am so glad that you are so close to each other and are my Arizona children. Next year it will be all of us. Can we stand it! Can Nate and Jim stand it? Cyndee